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Is Laser Treatment for Neuropathy Worth It? [Is it Safe? What is the Cost?]

We REVIEW low level laser treatment for neuropathy, foot neuropathy & diabetic peripheral neuropathy. We also address insurances & costs!


  • MLS laser therapy is FDA-approved for the treatment of pain.
  • Medical research supports its effectiveness in treating many foot & ankle conditions.
  • Research also supports minimal to no known side effects.

See us for a NO OBLIGATION consultation for MLS therapy in Michigan.

low level laser treatment for neuropathy
Low level laser therapy has been shown to be a recommended treatment method for peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy and neuropathic foot pain. We are proud to over MLS multiwave locked system therapy for neuropathy at our office.

What is Cold Laser Therapy:

Cold laser therapy is a non-painful laser treatment that stimulates healing while using low levels of light.

This laser is FDA approved for health conditions in the foot & ankle.

This is called “cold” laser therapy because the low light levels aren’t enough to burn your body’s tissue.

The level of light is low compared to other forms of laser therapy, such as those used to destroy tumors and coagulate tissue. It is also low compared to surgical and aesthetic lasers.

Cold therapy does not burn the tissue.

Cold laser therapy is also known as:

  • MLS laser therapy.
  • Low-level laser therapy (LLLT)
  • Low-power laser therapy (LPLT)
  • Soft laser biostimulation
  • Photobiomodulation

In Summary, here’s what you can expect:

  • Quick, painless treatments lasting approximately 10-15 minutes
  • No downtime
  • 6-10 sessions for full treatment
  • Decrease in swelling and pain in as little as 3 treatments
  • No side effects

We use laser therapy in our offices because we want to provide an effective and safe treatment option for our patients to heal quickly, recover fully and reduce pain effectively.  

Laser treatment for neuropathy near me:

At Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists of Michigan, we are proud to offer MLS laser therapy to treat peripheral neuropathy.

  • Low-level laser therapy is FDA approved for the treatment of foot & ankle lower extremity conditions.
  • Numerous studies highlight how effective cold laser, MLS laser, and low-level laser therapy can be for peripheral neuropathy.
  • We utilize the MLS laser therapy treatment device which is a new advanced type of cold laser for treatment of the foot & ankle.

See us for a NO OBLIGATION consultation for MLS therapy in Michigan.

laser therapy for neuropathy

Scientific Evidence:

Does laser therapy help peripheral neuropathy?

One of the more common questions patients ask us is, “does laser therapy help neuropathy?”

  • As time goes on and laser therapy improves, that answer is a resounding YES!
  • There are now many studies regarding cold laser therapy and peripheral neuropathy treatment proving how effective the cold laser can be.
  • At our clinic, we utilize the MLS laser therapy system.
  • This is considered an advanced multi-wave blocked system that utilizes various bands of laser therapy to affect changes in cell structure.
  • Laser therapy is FDA-approved for foot and ankle conditions, but unfortunately, it is not always covered by insurance.
  • We believe that the cost is reasonable and arrivals the standard co-pay of what most patients would pay for an insurance plan anyway.
  • We recommend coming into our clinic and seeing us for a no-obligation laser therapy evaluation in Michigan.

Cold laser therapy for chemo-induced neuropathy:

This 2018 study was designed to evaluate the treatment of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.

  • This paper did look at 26 different treatment options within 35 studies when looking back on treating chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.
  • This review article did note that low-level laser therapy is considered to be of moderate evidence based on evidence review.
  • The literature does show that medications were also very successful treatment options and were on par with laser treatment as moderate level evidence.
  • Other forms of treatment were noted to be of lower-level treatment evidence for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.
  • In summary, cold laser therapy for chemotherapy-induced neuropathy was one of the most effective and safe treatment options.

Low-level laser treatment for peripheral neuropathy:

This 2018 study looks at medication versus low-level laser therapy and cold laser therapy treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

  • This study confirmed that cold laser therapy and low-level laser treatment effectively improved peripheral neuropathy and cellular markers within the nerves.
  • The authors further concluded that cold laser therapy was a much more effective option in treating peripheral neuropathy as it is a non-invasive treatment option.

MLS laser therapy for neuropathy:

This 2019 study looked back at 627 research papers. These ranged from both low-level studies and high-level studies.

  • This retrospective analysis aimed to determine if low-level laser therapy was an effective treatment for peripheral neuropathy in the feet and neuropathic foot pain.
  • It is determined that low-level laser therapy works by triggering biomechanical changes within cells.
  • This retrospective study concluded that low-level laser therapy and cold laser therapy had a very positive effect in controlling diabetic neuropathic pain and peripheral neuropathy in patients with diabetes.

Cold laser therapy for diabetic neuropathy:

A cold laser is another name for low-level laser therapy. MLS multi-wave locked system is a type of low laser therapy.

  • This 2019 study looked back at 627 research papers. The goal was to determine how effective a cold laser was in treating diabetic peripheral neuropathy.
  • This retrospective study concluded that low-level laser therapy and cold laser therapy had a very positive effect in controlling diabetic neuropathic pain and peripheral neuropathy in patients with diabetes.
laser for neuropathy treatment & therapy

How much does cold laser therapy cost?

MLS laser therapy is FDA approved for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, but it is not covered by insurance.

  • Research studies show that treatment modalities such as shockwave therapy and MLS laser therapy are cost-effective, but they are not covered by insurance.
  • We provide a low-cost payment plan that is less than some insurances’ average co-pay plan.
  • We believe that this is a very affordable and worthwhile treatment that can help avoid surgery.

We stand so strongly by this treatment method that we offer no-obligation treatment visits to see if you are the right candidate for MLS laser therapy.

Is cold laser therapy covered by insurance?

MLS laser therapy is FDA approved, but most insurance plans do not cover MLS laser therapy.

We provide a low-cost cold laser payment plan that is, in some cases, smaller than the average co-pay of an insurance plan.

We stand so strongly by the benefits and effectiveness of MLS laser therapy that we offer and no obligation treatment visit.

See our board-certified podiatrists for a consultation to see if laser therapy is ready for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

His deep tissue laser therapy for neuropathy worth it?

As we show in the studies above, deep tissue laser therapy for neuropathy has proven effective.
Studies have also shown that laser therapy is FDA-approved and cost-effective.
With the limited treatment options on medication for peripheral neuropathy, laser therapy is an ineffective strong option.
We attempt to keep the price low, and we believe that this is easily worth the cost in the long run.

Can laser treatment help peripheral neuropathy?

Yes, we believe laser treatment can help with peripheral neuropathy.
We can provide services with an MLS multi-wave locked system laser therapy device.
We have personally had a lot of success treating patients with this. Studies back it, and we believe it is cost-effective.

His laser treatment for neuropathy and foot numbness beneficial?

Although it is not scientifically proven to stop progressive foot numbness, there is evidence that laser treatment helping with peripheral neuropathy.

Does low-level laser therapy for small fiber neuropathy help?

Small fiber neuropathy is another name for peripheral neuropathy.

  • We believe that cold laser therapy and low-level laser therapy for neuropathy of the feet are very beneficial.
  • We have listed numerous high-level studies in this article.
  • Personally, we believe that this is a safe, cost-effective method for treating small fiber peripheral neuropathy and foot numbness.

What is a class IV laser therapy for neuropathy?

We believe that class IV laser therapy is very beneficial for peripheral neuropathy.

Another name for the class IV laser is a cold laser.

We personally use the more advanced MLS laser treatment.

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