Pain in Foot Arch and Heel

Heel Spurs & Plantar Fasciitis [BEST Home Treatment!]

Pain in Foot Arch and Heel: This is almost always due to plantar fasciitis. Which is one of the most common foot problems in the world. Follow our 4 video aided treatment guide!



Pain in Foot Arch and Heel

  • This pain is called plantar fasciitis; and it is the result of overworked ligaments under your foot.


What is Happening?

  • Your foot develops microscopic scar tissue due to constant strain.
  • These ligaments are constantly inflamed and swollen.
  • They do not have an opportunity to heal, and are especially painful in the morning.
  • Once you get moving and the blood flushes out harmful immune cells, you feel better after 30 minutes.
  • Massaging the arch can make it feel better by increasing blood flow.


Follow our Four Stage Treatment Guide To Accomplish These Goals:

Our goal is to make relieving this pain as as easy both financially and time-wise as possible. We will do this by trying the easiest and most successfully proven medical techniques first and then transition you all the way through to the end.

1)Diagnose the exact reason for you heel pain.

2)Apply home treatment.

3)Apply extended treatment if home treatment did not work.

4)Surgical options- don’t worry, this will be 1/20 of people!


Start our 4 Stage Treatment Plan!



The Stages



1)Stage 1 – Make Sure – 100% of People

Pain in foot arch and heel


The goal of this page is to make sure that what you really have is plantar fasciitis.

  • There is nothing worse than spending $$$ and time treating the wrong problems!

Heel Pain Differential Diagnosis Guide

Differentiate causes due to biomechanics, nerve problems, arthritis problems, traumatic problems, stress fractures, loss of fat pad atrophy. These are less common causes, but just make sure.


2) Stage 2 – Decrease Pain – 70% of People

Pain in Foot Arch and Heel

Now that you have confirmed that you have inflammation of the plantar fascia due to biomechanical causes => Follow this treatment guide for 3-6 months or until the pain is gone.

Remember if your pain has been there for months or years then you will probably need all of the 6 months or more. The general rule is that the longer you have had the pain => the longer you will need to try conservative treatment!

A) Decrease The Inflammation.

B) Keep The Inflammation Away.



3) Stage 3- Extended Treatment – 30% of People

Pain in Foot Arch and Heel

A) If there is noticeable improvement keep following the treatment outlined in stage 2.

B) If there is little to no improvement then follow up with this treatment protocol.

  • Night splints- a device which helps stretch your tissue while you sleep
  • A corticosteroid injection to decrease inflammation
  • Prescription orthotics
  • Immobilization in a cast or a CAM walker


Pain on the Inside of the Foot due to Biomechanics



4) Stage 4- Surgical Treatment – 5% of People

Pain in Foot Arch and Heel


At this point if you haven’t already- you will need to visit a podiatrist for further in-depth studies to rule out nerve disorders, inflammatory arthritides, and stress fractures or finally look into surgery.

  • Test for nerve compression and Inflammatory Arthritis
  • Extra-corporeal Shockwave Therapy
  • Surgery

 Foot Surgeries for Heel Pain


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