Heel And Arch Pain In Foot


Heel And Arch Pain In Foot – This guide focuses on decreasing the inflammation causing the pain, then on scientifically proven techniques to keep it away!

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Goal #1:


-Follow the link to see part 1 of the conservative treatment guide.


Goal #2:

Keep The Inflammation Away!



Research shows that stretching your Achilles tendon and your Calves three times for 15 seconds in the morning and after work is extremely effective in keeping the pain away in 25% of people when used alone, but if you start combining this with the other treatment method it gives you a huge boost in success rate in keeping your pain away.

If you stretch your feet along with the Achilles tendon and Calves that number jumps from 25% to 55% very quickly! This is the single best thing you can do to keep the pain away after the inflammation has
been decreased.

You can even use a device to stretch your feet at night called a night



Wear supportive footwear -If you are wearing high heels, flats, tight shoes or basically anything other than running shoes that are extremely comfortable, then this may be making your problem even

Get yourself to a running shoe store or a podiatrist and use a Brannock device to measure your proper shoe size. Most people don’t know that there foot size changes every couple of years- Your foot is growing! Measure not just the length, but the width the length and the arch length.

If you have to keep wearing high heels or work boots, try to get in to see a podiatrist and get an insert or an orthotic. This can be on the cheaper side; you could get a good one for $25 or so!


C)Night Splints:

Wear these at night to keep your calves and plantar fascia stretched (this keeps the toes pointed straight rather than down when you sleep).

Research has shown that night splints have helped in 100% of people that have tried them out. The only complaint is that night splints may be annoying to sleep with, it’s very similar to wearing a shoe while
going to bed!

Tip: Ease into them while napping, you forget you are even wearing them after 1-2 naps.


D)Low Dye Strapping:

I love this type of taping- it holds the foot in an ideal structure and re-enforces the arch for a couple days until the inflammation of the fascia can die down.

E) OTC inserts: