Broken Foot, Sprained Foot & Stress Fracture Treatment [25 Best Tips]

[17 MUST DO Tips]: Broken Foot or Toe | Foot Sprain | Stress Fracture

🦶Do you have a broken foot, broken ankle, sprained foot, sprained ankle, or stress fracture? We review the TOP 27 MUST DO treatments!🦶

This video will focus on foot fracture recovery time & ankle fracture recovery time!

0:00 Broken Foot Recovery Time & Broken Ankle Recovery Time
1:30 Diagnosis
2:37 Causes: Foot Stress Fracture, Broken Foot & Broken Ankle
3:13 Broken Foot & Ankle Recovery Time
3:40 Broken Foot Recovery Time
4:10 Ice
5:30 Bone healing time & Broken Ankle Recovery Time
6:30 Not getting better
7:08 Can I Drive?
8:05 Can I walk?
8:30 Scooters Review
9:08 Iwalk 3.0 Review
9:50 Wheelchair
10:16 Crutches
10:58 Boot or cast
11:30 Even-up shoe review
11:50 Surgical shoe review
12:40 Medical walking boot
13:11 Shower bag for walking boot
13:55 Plan out your house
14:40 Blood clots
15:10 Disability & going to work
15:55 Ankle Braces
18:15 Best Shoes
18:40 Best orthotics
19:20 Biomechanical exam
20:30 Shockwave therapy
22:10 Overpronation pain
23:10 Massage & rehabilitation
23:40 Stretches & physical therapy

👉 Shoes 👈
Best Shoes:

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