Detroit Running

Detroit Running: Here are the resources that I have really started looking at when I came to Detroit and started getting a sense of the running scene, these have really helped me out but let me know if you have anything else that should be up here!

List of Must Have Resources for Detroit Running:


  • This site is more of a news site covering what is going on in the Detroit high school, college and casual running scene. The layout is very busy and it may not be the easiest to navigate, but it has everything!

2) The Detroit Running Club

  • This is a new club for social running, but in a few months it is already up to 200+ people and I imagine it will only keep growing! There isn’t that much there yet, but it seems to be the most busy one in Detroit so far. Keep an eye on it, I’m sure by the time you are reading this it will be much bigger!

3) List of Best Running Clubs in Detroit

  • This presents some options for a few more serious runners, but it is open to everyone. It is a quick rundown similar to this by the local CBS affiliate. Let me know your experiences!


  • This is a great blog about running in Michigan and it seems to be attracting a good amount of people, it has great race reviews and a very impressive story by the main runner. I personally used this one when I was deciding which 5k races I was going to sign up for.

5) 5k Races in Michigan

  • This is a great resource for locating any 5k races in your area. It doesn’t have reviews like on, but it certainly is the most up to date! It lists the 5ks from all over Michigan and seems like it includes the most races out of all the resources I have been able to find out there!