Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment & Early Stages [Diabetic Neuropathy]

Diabetic foot ulcer treatment & Early Stages [Diabetic Neuropathy]

🦶We review diabetic foot ulcers, diabetic foot ulcer stages & early stages, diabetic ulcer on the leg, diabetic toe ulcer & diabetic ulcers on feet.🦶

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0:00 What does a diabetic foot ulcer look like
0:35 What causes diabetic foot ulcers
2:24 Diabetic Neuropathy
3:10 What is a diabetic foot ulcer
6:03 Why do diabetics get foot ulcers
6:46 Are they dangerous?
7:02 Amputations
7:53 diabetic peripheral angiopathy
11:07 Diabetic foot ulcer treatment
11:54 early stage diabetic foot ulcer
13:06 Wound care
13:59 Remove pressure
15:03 Diabetic foot infection
15:24 Surgery & skin grafts

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