Foot Gout Symptoms

Foot Gout Symptoms-  Learn how to recognize gout in your feet and what to start doing about it immediately. The Complete Foot Gout HOME Diagnosis Guide!





What Is Foot Gout?

  1. Gout is a suddenly appearing (acute) attack of inflammatory arthritis (joint irritation).
  2. It presents as a red hot, extremely swollen and painful big toe joint.
  3. There is a chemical compound in your blood called uric acid that can deposit in a joint.
  4. The uric acid can crystal, deposit in the joints, tendons and surrounding tissues.
  5. It causes extreme pain until the blood is able to flush it out over a 1-2 day period.
  6. If you are experiencing your 1st case of gout, it usually hits the big toe!
  7. Gout has become very common in the modern world as we all develop more “rich” diets! It was historically known as “the disease of kings”.
  8. There is approximately 5 million in the USA currently experiencing this disease.




Foot Gout Symptoms:

Foot gout usually presents as a quickly on setting arthritis. This means that it does not develop as gradual pain over a series of weeks or even days like normal arthritis. It usually appears very quickly and the victim wakes up with extreme pain!


The classical symptoms are:

  • Joint pain usually begins over 2-4 hrs over night!
  • A very red or purple big toe joint.
  • Extremely painful big toe joint.
  • It hurts less as you elevate it up in the air (raise it on a stool while sitting on the couch.)
  • It then hurts more when you lower it to the floor.
  • Uric acid levels (which cause gout), could also cause other problems. These include tophi (hard & painlesscrystal deposits in the skin), or kidney problems.



Foot Gout Home Treatment:

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Gout on top of the foot

  • Gout on top of the foot is usually in the big toe joint.