Howell Wound Care Foot Doctor

Howell Wound Care Foot Doctor: Diabetes, Foot & Ankle Specialists! Howell Wound Care Foot Doctor: We provide wound care for diabetes, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, cancer and any other traumatic wounds! Howell Michigan Office Location: We are located almost directly across from St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital just northwest of downtown Howell. Phone: +1 517-548-3100 Fax: … Read more

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment [Causes, Symptoms & Best Supplies] Diabetic foot ulcer treatment is best treated by a podiatrist and foot specialist 95%. Don’t put your leg at risk, get your leg healed immediately and seeing a podiatrist as fast as you can! What is a diabetic foot ulcer? A diabetic foot ulcer is … Read more

Is Podiatry Covered by Insurance?

Is Podiatry Covered by Insurance? Is podiatry covered by insurance? In almost all cases we would only perform procedures that are considered medically necessary. While there are some cosmetic options and non-insurance options, we generally only perform procedures and treatments that improve pain and function. As a rule anything that is medically necessary for pain … Read more