🔄REVERSE Your Clogged & Stiff Arteries [50% Atherosclerosis over 45!]

7 BEST Peripheral Artery Disease SECRETS [FIX Atherosclerosis]

🦶50% of people in the USA between 45-84 years old have Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis, Coronary Artery Disease or peripheral arterial disease. Unclog your arteries!🦶

According to the NIH & CDC, atherosclerosis is the number 1 cause of vascular disease in the USA. 50% of people over 45 have this disease.

0:00 Peripheral Arterial Disease
0:31 What is a blood clot?
0:51 Arteriosclerosis vs Atherosclerosis
1:10 Coronary Artery Disease & Stiff Arteries
2:20 Clogged Arteries
2:55 Cholesterol
3:39 Vascular specialist & Peripheral artery disease test
4:30 Angioplasty Vascular Surgery
6:10 Bypass Vascular Surgery
6:45 Atherosclerosis medications & treatment
7:20 Alcohol inflammation
8:08 Smoking
8:38 Marijuana & Cannabis
9:05 Stress
10:05 Obesity
11:05 Strength Training
11:35 Cardiovascular exercise
12:38 Best foods for Atherosclerosis
13:50 Sugar
14:05 Trans Fats
14:35 Best cooking oils
15:15 Good fats vs. bad fats
16:00 Omega 3 Fatty Acids
16:55 High Fiber Diet

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Peripheral Neuropathy Supplements:
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Turmeric (Anti-inflammatory benefit spice):
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