Arthritis In Foot And Toes


Arthritis In Foot And Toes: There are four common types that each present differently. Osteo, Rheumatoid, Traumatic & Gout. Learn how to FIX THEM NOW!!!!

What Is Arthritis In Foot And Toes:

Arthritis means inflammation of the joint. It does not specify whether it is bone on bone, or maybe overuse and even bacterial disease. Any one of these could be causing pain in your joints.

  • “Arthritis Means Joint Inflammation”

There are many different types of foot and toe arthritis, but there are essentially four major types out there that you need to be concerned about.


Four Main Types Of Foot & Toe Arthritis:





  • Osteoarthritis is the one people classically think when arthritis is mentioned.
  • It usually occurs in older individuals.
  • Known as “wear and tear arthritis”.
  • The hyaline cartilage begins to wear down, exposing the bone underneath.
  • The smooth cartilage is now gone and there is more friction with joint motion.
  • The bones underneath begin to rub against each other causing pain.
  • The pain & stiffness get worse with increased activity.
  • You will experience more pain at the end of a jog or walk rather than at the beginning of it.



2)Rheumatoid Arthritis.


  • Everyone has heard of it, but doesn’t really know what it is.
  • The causes are not even fully understood by doctors.
  • There are genetic components that make you more susceptible (cartilage cell surface markers).
  • But not all people with the surface markers have it, thus there is some environmental causes as well.
  • Some theorize bacteria or particles may trigger the reaction.
  • There is no cure.
  • It is an auto-immune disorder.
  • Treatment has really progressed in the past 10 years.
  • This illness is very treatable.


3)Traumatic Arthritis.

  • Essentially the same as osteoarthritis.
  • It is the resulting arthritis after breaking a bone involved in the joint.
  • Over the years this leads to unbalanced rubbing of the bones.
  • The cartilage wears down.
  • It can happen after severe injuries at any age.


4) Gout.

  • The most common cause of arthritis in the USA.
  • It is a crystal arthritis, unique from all other types.
  • Uric acid accumulates in the joint until it can be flushed out by the blood over the next few days.
  • This can be genetic, but it is usually due to controllable factors.
  • Increased after dehydration- especially alcohol.
  • Increased after high protein meals.
  • Can be controlled with diet.


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