What is Overpronation?[Overpronation Flat Feet Pain & How to Fix IT!]

We review overpronation vs underpronation (supination). How to correct overpronation, exercises, stretches & best everyday shoes & inserts!

best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation vs underpronation

Table of Contents

How to fix overpronation flat feet pain video:

This video goes over how to fix overpronation & flat feet.

Overpronation vs underpronation video summary:

🦶Do you have overpronation causing flat feet? We go over-pronation vs. supination & flat feet vs. high arch feet!🦶

We go over how to correct overpronation & fallen arch treatment. We also review overpronation vs. underpronation.

0:00 What is overpronation
1:05 Flat feet pain & flat feet symptoms
1:24 Overpronation vs. underpronation
1:55 Plantar fasciitis & overpronation
2:17 Subtalar joint pain & overpronation
2:55 Overpronation meaning
3:34 High arch feet vs. flat feet
4:00 Calluses & corns from flat feet
4:22 How to fix flat feet & flat foot pain
5:01 Overpronation running
6:05 Gait analysis by a podiatrist
7:30 How to rebuild arches in flat feet
8:19 Flat feet pain relief
9:39 Flat feet exercises
10:11 Overpronation exercises
11:33 Orthotics for flat feet & best insoles for flat feet
11:57 Orthotics for overpronation
12:28 Best Running shoes for flat feet
13:15 Custom orthotics for overpronation & flat feet
13:37 Best shoes for flat feet
14:12 Best shoes for overpronation
14:30 Over pronation vs supination.
16:14 Arch support for flat feet
16:47 What causes flat feet
17:13 Flat feet treatment & how to fix a flat foot

Flat feet & heel pain causes:

plantar fasciitis heel spur stress fracture

Heel Pain Causes: Picture & Photo Gallery


Please click on the gallery for a guided tour through heel pain conditions!

Overpronation vs. pronation overview:

🦶How important is overpronation vs. pronation in causing foot pain? SUPER IMPORTANT!🦶

Heel pain flat foot overpronation
Overpronation can definitely cause heel pain and arch pain. Posterior tibial tendonitis is also a very cause finding.
  • This can be causing your flat foot pain, fallen arches, knee pain, hip pain, and lower back pain!
  • We go over the top 3 proven treatments for pronation vs. overpronation and stopping your flat feet from ever-developing!
  • Pronated feet left untreated can lead to extensive posterior tibial tendonitis pain and fallen arches.
  • We go over the best overpronation shoes, insoles for flat feet, exercises and stretches, and surgery for overpronation.

What is Overpronation?

Flat Feet Overpronation:

  • The most important joint for overpronation is your subtalar joint.
  • The goal is to stop hypermobility of the subtalar joint.
  • The calcaneus everts along the articular facets of the talus.
Overpronation of foot and ankle
Overpronation of foot and ankle.
  • Overpronation can cause the foot to go through 3 motions: eversion, external rotation, and dorsiflexion.

overpronation of the ankle and knee

  • Overpronation can cause the arch to press down into the ground. This can change the shoe wear pattern of your foot.

what is overpronation

  • Overpronation can also cause knee pain and hip pain.

overpronation knee pain, overpronation hip pain

Symptoms of Overpronation:

  • This leads to the posterior tibial tendon working much harder, causing ankle pain.
  • This leads to pain in your knee, hip, and lower back.
Plantar fasciitis due to overpronation
Plantar fasciitis due to overpronation is a prevalent cause of foot pain!

Specific Overpronation symptoms:

  • Pain on the inside of the ankle from ankle overpronation.
  • Pain on the bottom of your foot due to the stretching of your plantar fascia. This can lead to plantar fasciitis and heel pain.
  • Pain on the outside of your foot and ankle. This is called subtalar joint pain.
  • Shin splints (are also known as posterior tibial tendonitis.)
  • Inside of the knee pain due to overpronation.
  • Hip pain and lower back pain due to overpronation.
  • Overpronation running pain.
  • Overpronation walking pain.
  • An inability to stand for long periods of time.
  • Fatigue to your leg muscles.
  • Poor athleticism.

Ankle Overpronation:

  • It is not the ankle undergoing overpronation. It is actually your subtalar joint!
  • Your subtalar joint undergoes pronation.
  • Your ankle performs dorsiflexion and plantar flexion.
Subtalar joint vs Ankle overpronation
Ankle pronation is actually subtalar joint pronation!
  • Ankle overpronation can cause posterior tibial tendonitis pain as well as subtalar joint pain.

overpronation of the ankle and knee

Overpronation shoe wear pattern:

These overpronation pictures show overpronation shoe wear patterns vs. supination shoe wear patterns.

Overpronation and knee pain:

We usually find a strong link between overpronation and knee pain.

  • As the foot turns out due to an overpronating foot, the knee will bend, causing knee pain.
  • We see a correlation between the inside of the knee pain as well as hip pain.
  • Quickly this can lead to overworked and sore muscles.

Overpronation and hip pain:

Overpronation can lead toward the foot turning out, the knee bending in and the hip rotating in.

  • This can cause an inappropriate loading onto the hip joints as well as the gluteal muscles.
  • We frequently even see this associated with sciatica nerve pain from the lower pain and extending down the back of the leg.

Overpronation and back pain:

Overpronation can eventually cause back pain.

  • Like the foot, knee and hips become overworked, the back then has to work harder.
  • It is possible that, like a series of dominoes, all of a patient’s pain could be connected.
  • We have frequently seen a good pair of everyday walking shoes for overpronation and inserts for overpronation correct years of back pain within a few months.

Best Overpronation Treatment:

The best treatment options for overpronation are:

Evaluate your biomechanics with a podiatrist.

  • Make sure there is no tightness through your muscles.
  • The most commonly tight muscles are your glutes, your hamstring, and calf muscles.
  • These are overworked and gradually get less and less flexible over time. So calm down the inflammation and get the muscles more flexible!
Ankle Joint Equinus due to overpronation
Ankle Joint Equinus due to overpronation can cause flat feet.

Get the best insoles and the best overpronation shoes!

 best insoles and orthotics for overpronation
The best insoles and orthotics for overpronation are comfortable ones that stop the foot from turning out!

Best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation:

We are big fans of getting yourself a good shoe for overpronation.

  • It is not the perfect cure for all situations, but it can be beneficial and make the foot and ankle absorb just a little bit less stress.
  • A good every day shoe for overpronation can also be combined with a good overpronation shoe insert.
  • A shoe for supination can afford to be less supportive and more flexible. This is true for lighter weight and better flexibility through the hamstring and calf muscle. This is also true for barefoot running and barefoot shoes.
  • A shoe for overpronation would benefit more from increased support and cushion. This is one reason we recommend Hoka shoes for overpronation.
Best Podiatrist Recommended Shoes
Click the link above see see our recommended podiatrist shoes for overpronation!

Best insoles for overpronation and flat feet:

We are huge fans of premade orthotics for overpronation and in specific cases custom insoles for overpronation.





Best Orthotics for overpronation

Best ankle brace for overpronation:

  • In more significant cases of the foot flattening out, an ankle brace can be beneficial.
  • Click on the following picture for the best ankle braces for overpronation!

Overpronation exercises:

We love exercises for overpronation.

  1. We believe that the root causes of treating overpronation are to both support the foot with good everyday shoes, good shoe inserts for overpronation, and possibly even an ankle brace for overpronation.
  2. The next step is to correct why your overpronation is happening. The most common cause that we see is tight or injured joints.
    We would recommend going to see your local podiatrist for a biomechanical evaluation to find out exactly what is wrong and how to best correct it as a first step.
  3. Once you find out what is wrong and what is right after having a biomechanical exam performed, it is then possible to find out how to correct these problems.
  4. We usually prescribed overpronation exercises that focus on loosening the posterior column muscles. This means stretching and exercising the ankle joint, the knee, and the hip. This would consist of the hamstring, the thigh, and the calf muscles.
  5. It could also be loosening at stretching the plantar fascia.
  6. In the video above, we go over specific ankle overpronation exercises & foot overpronation exercises.

2 phases to an overpronation physical therapy routine:

We recommend approaching the treatment of overpronation foot pain by controlling the inflammation first and then working on rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy for overpronation.

  • This might mean resting and decreasing the pain at first, and that this would mean strengthening and stretching your muscles and joints, and tendons.
  • Start with controlling the pain, inflammation, and tissue damage.
  • Then focus on stretching and strengthening the tissue after the damage is healed.

Best Overpronation Flat Foot Products:

  • There are usually two phases to the bottom of the foot pain treatment.
  • The two phases of treatment include controlling the acute inflammation and correcting the biomechanics, which led to the problem in the first place.
  • If the tendons and ligaments are inflamed, they are almost frozen in place and cannot function properly.
  • Once the inflammation is decreased, we need to correct the biomechanical causes to ensure that they can never become overworked and inflamed again!
  • This doesn’t matter whether it’s plantar fasciitis, plantar fibroma, the sore bottom of the foot, or even Achilles tendon pain. Treatment is all roughly very similar.
Posterior tibialist tendon flat foot changes
Posterior tibialis tendon flat foot changes can be helped with a good pair of orthotics.

Removing The Stress:

  • The key is to prevent future pain.
  • If you can get rid of the pain and swelling, this will let you start walking normally.
  • If you can walk normally, the vast majority of your pain should gradually start to go away.
  • The best way to ensure that your plantar fascia, foot, and ankle ligaments are not overworked is to support them.
  • The best way to support them is to use great orthotics and great shoes.
  • Some people may also need to rely on supportive ankle braces and other supportive modalities.

Best Overpronation Shoes:

  • Getting a great supportive pair of shoes will ensure that there the pressure is removed from the heel and plantar fascia region.
  • This is especially important if you have plantar fasciitis, heel spur pain, or Achilles tendonitis.
  • Consider shoes combined with a good supportive orthotic for the best pain relief!
  • The following link will show you what our favorites are.

Best Podiatrist Recommended Shoes

Best Overpronation Orthotics:

  • These are our recommended orthotics.
  • There are different types of different shoes.
  • Women’s shoes usually need a less bulky orthotic but allow for less correction.
  • A full-length orthotic requires a running shoe, boot, or comfortable walking/dress shoe.
  • We recommend doing everything you can to get a good supportive shoe that can fit a full-length orthotic.
  • This is the best way to maximize your orthotics for great results.
Best Orthotics for overpronation

Best Overpronation Ankle Braces:

  • These are our favorite ankle braces for overpronation.

Best slippers for overpronation:

These are some of the best overpronation slippers that we know of:

Best women’s slippers for overpronation.

Best men’s slippers for overpronation.


Best sandals for overpronation:

These are our choices for the best overpronation sandals:

Best women’s overpronation sandals.

Best men’s overpronation sandals.


Overpronation surgery:

  • Overpronation surgery would be any surgery that prevents her foot from undergoing the 3 motions of overpronation.
  • The most aggressive version of overpronation surgery would be fusing the joints of the foot.
  • Some patients with an unstable foot, sometimes an ankle fusion, subtalar joint fusion, or midfoot and toe fusions are recommended procedures.
  • The more common procedures would be taking an unstable high arched foot and making it a more neutral foot. Or, if the patient had a very flat foot, it is possible to make it a more neutral and high arched foot.
  • Extreme foot types such as high arch or flat feet are not ideal.
  • At the same time, a tight calf muscle or a tight hamstring may be causing the foot to overpronate.

1) Ankle joint & calf muscle tightness:

  • A more common in better-studied surgery now is the lengthening of the calf muscle.
  • A condition called ankle joint equinus means that your calf muscle and ankle joint may be too tight. The more common procedure now is calf muscle lengthening surgery.
  • This is studied as the most beneficial overpronation surgery currently.

2) Consider Arthroereisis Implants:

  • We go over the arthroereisis implant for your subtalar joint.
  • This is all the rage now and can stop overpronation.
  • We go over the possible treatment options.
Arthroeresis implant for subtalar joint overpronation
Arthroeresis implant for subtalar joint overpronation can prevent overpronation, but this is surgery!

Frequently Asked Overpronation Questions:

What is overpronation of the foot?

  • Overpronation is the upward and outward movement of the foot.
  • This motion incorporates the motions of 3 planes. The foot undergoes eversion, external rotation, and dorsiflexion.
  • Both high arched feet and flat feet can cause overpronation of the foot.

How to correct the overpronation of the foot?

  • The best way to correct overpronation is to control your health and get as good a shape as possible.
  • The best way to accomplish this is to get a good pair of overpronation inserts, a good supportive pair of everyday shoes for overpronation, and potentially a lace-up ankle brace for the left and the right foot.
  • Watch the video above for a complete guide to correct overpronation.

What does overpronate mean:

  • As mentioned above, overpronation incorporates 3 movements.
  • Overpronation means that you are dorsiflexing your foot, externally rotating your foot, and everting your foot.

How to tell if you overpronate?

  • The easiest way to tell if you overpronate is to look at your feet from behind.
  • A family member can help you take a picture.
  • If you can see your fourth and fifth toes when looking from directly behind the feet, this means that your foot is externally rotated.
  • This likely means that you are overpronating.
  • Another way to tell if you overpronate is to draw a line down your shin bone on your leg.
  • This line should go straight through the second toe.
  • If the foot is flattened and externally rotated, that shinbone should go inside the big toe joint.

Is it a high arch overpronation?

  • A high arch foot can overpronate.
  • It is possible to the high arched or has what is termed a cavus foot.
  • The definition of overpronation is different than a flat foot or a high arched foot.
  • The shape of your foot defines a high arched foot.
  • Overpronation is a movement of the foot.

How to tape the foot for overpronation?

  • There are ways to tape the foot for overpronation.
  • We go over this slightly in the video above.
  • A better option for overpronation of the foot is a lace-up ankle brace.
  • The cost of these lace-up ankle braces has really come down over the years and is now extremely reasonable.
  • In our opinion, the best answer for how to tape the foot for overpronation is to skip the taping of the feet and get a good lace-up ankle brace for your foot.

Do high arches cause overpronation of the foot?

  • The high arch does not cause overpronation. High arches describe the shape of the foot, where is overpronation is a motion of the foot.
    A high arched foot could both undergo supination and overpronation.
    A flat foot could undergo supination and overpronation.

Do flat feet cause overpronation of the foot?

  • We occasionally hear the question, “do flat feet cause overpronation of the foot?”
  • The answer is flat feet are more likely to undergo overpronation of feet, but it is not the cause of overpronation.
  • Some studies in the past have shown that 70% of foot problems are associated with flat feet.
  • Overpronation is more likely to happen on flat feet.
  • About 15% of feet are thought to be high arched feet.
  • The remaining 15% are noted to be normal-shaped feet.
  • Both feet can undergo overpronation as the person becomes heavier and less flexible.

Do insoles help overpronation?

What exercises help fix overpronation?

  • There are specific overpronation exercises and overpronation stretches.
  • Watch the video on overpronation and flat feet above.

Are Birkenstocks good for overpronation?

  • Birkenstocks can be good for overpronation and flat feet.
  • Click this link for Birkenstocks helping with overpronation.
  • This guide will go over our favorite pairs of Birkenstocks and sandals for flat feet.

Overpronation meaning?

  • The meaning of overpronation refers to the triplanar motion.
  • This means that the foot is everting. This means that the foot is externally rotating.
  • This then means that the foot is lifting or dorsiflexing.
  • Overpronation is different than a high arched foot or flat foot, although both can be related.

Best sneakers for overpronation:

For the best sneakers for overpronation, please feel free to click on this link!

Best stability running shoes for overpronators:

For the best stability running shoes for overpronators, please feel free to click on this link.

Brooks shoes for overpronation:

We love Brooks running shoes. For the best brooks running shoes for overpronation, please feel free to click on this link.

Overpronation inserts:

We think orthotic inserts are great options for overpronation. We recommend the orthotics at this link for the best overpronation inserts.
For custom orthotics for flat feet and overpronation, click on this link!

What is overpronation of the foot:

The video above goes into extreme detail regarding what is overpronation of the foot. Overpronation is 3 motions: external rotation, eversion of the foot, and right foot dorsiflexion.

Overpronation definition:

The definition of overpronation is 3 motions: external rotation, eversion of the foot, and dorsiflexion of the right foot.

Overpronation shoe wear pattern:

We show the overpronation shoe wear pattern above in the picture. Overpronation shoe wears usually puts pressure on the outside of the foot and the back outside of the heel.

Overpronation knee pain:

Overpronation of the foot can usually lead to genu valgum of the knee. This means that the inside of the knee bends in, and the outside of the knee compresses. This is sometimes termed “overpronation knee pain.”

Best insoles for overpronation running:

If you have overpronation pain while running, please click on this link for the best insoles for overpronation running pain!

Best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation women:

If you need the best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation women’s pain, please click on this link!

I have high arches and overpronation:

If you have high arches and overpronation, it is possible to cause further foot pain in your high arches. A high arch can experience overpronation.

Overpronation hip pain:

It can be common to experience overpronation hip pain. As the foot turns out and experiences overpronation, the knee rotates and bends inward, which places more pressure on the gluteal muscles and the hip. This can be known as overpronation hip pain.

Ankle brace for overpronation:

An ankle brace for overpronation can be an excellent option. If you need a good ankle brace for overpronation, please click on this link!