Plantar Fasciitis Injection Recovery Time

Plantar fasciitis injection recovery time: This usually feels great for up to 12 hours if combined with marcaine and lidocaine. If there is no anesthetic associated with this, then it can ache for one to two days until some of the post injection bruising starts to disappear.


Plantar Fasciitis Injection Recovery Time:

  • If lidocaine and marcaine mixture: it gets numb almost immediately.
  • The corticosteroid effect can then benefit you for over 2-3 weeks in certain circumstances.
  • There is sometimes post injection pain at the site of injection.
  • If freeze spray is used at the same time, the injection feels much less painful.


What does a cortisone injection do?


What are cortisone injection in foot for plantar fasciitis?

  • Cortisone injections contain a synthetic version of a natural substance made in our body. This is called cortisol. These shots are given as a shot directly into the injured plantar fascia ligament, or into the side of the heel.
  • Unlike natural cortisone, synthetic cortisone is not injected into the blood stream. It is injected into the surrounding fatty tissue and allowed to calm down the inflammation over a longer period of time.


What does a cortisone injection do?

  • What does a cortisone injection do? It is a strong anti- inflammation hormone. It is very effective at making pain and swelling go away.
  • In the case of the plantar fasciitis and heel pain, it can bring the ligament swelling and pain down. It can make it go away in some cases.
  • It can be tried before surgery.



Pros and Cons of Cortisone Injections for Plantar Fasciitis:


  • Minimal risk compared to surgery.
  • Quick and effective.
  • If combined with anesthetic and freeze spray, minimal pain with quick overall improvement.
  • Good pain relief.



  • Not always a permanent solution.
  • Not a good solution by itself, only to jump start biomechanical correction.
  • Too many injections can lead to fat pad atrophy.