Chipped Ankle Bone

Chipped Ankle Bone: Is it possible to chip a bone in your ankle? What should you do if a chip does happen? Follow this guide to find out!



Chipped Ankle Bone
Bone Spurs in the foot & ankle are frequently mistaken for a chipped bone in the ankle bone. Spurs are caused by abnormal trauma or stress.



Causes Of A Chipped Ankle Bone:

A chipped ankle bone is possible but not likely in the way most people think it is.

  • If a bone is chipped, it is usually within the ankle joint.
  • This is usually a piece of cartilage with bone called an osteochondral defect.
  • This is experienced in severe compression injuries.
  • It is possible to have an osteophyte or enthesophyte on the outside of the bone.
  • These feel like a “bone chip” but are still part of the bone.


Chipped Ankle Bone
Ankle Spurs can occur in the front of the ankle. This is very commonly seen in soccer players in there late 20 to 40 years of age!



Is It possible to get a small bone chip on the outside skin of the ankle?

Yes it is theoretically, but it is still very unlikely and rarely seen.

  • If you can feel bone formation on the outside of you ankle it is usually a defect on the edge of your bone.


1)Ankle Osteophyte:

Osteophytes are simply extra bone formation after an irregular stress is placed on the bone.


Chipped Ankle Bone
This is an example of what feels like a “chipped bone” on the inside of the knee. But this is really what is known as an osteophyte. This extra bone formation usually occurs from trauma or arthritis.
  • This is called an osteophyte (bone spur) which can happen in response to trauma.
  • Osteophytes are possible around the ankle in response to trauma, arthritis or previous ankle injury.


2)Ankle Enthesophyte:


Chipped Ankle Bone
An enthesophyte usually occurs as a result of the pull of the achilles tendon. This can be felt in the back of the heel. This is not a chipped ankle bone, but calcification of the tendon.


  • It can also be an enthesophyte which is calcification of a a tendon.
  • Enthesophytes are most common at the bottom of the foot as a spur, or a achilles tendon spur.


Chipped Ankle Bone Treatment:

The best course of action would be to go in for X-ray imaging.

  • X-rays will show osteophytes & enthesophytes.
  • It will even show a bone chip if possible.
  • The only way to know for sure how to treat this injury is to confirm exactly what it is.
  • Depending on the joint, the region & the tendon of the extra bone formation: your podiatrist will come up with a treatment plan.