Chipped Bone In Foot

Chipped Bone In Foot: Find out if you have a chipped bone in your foot? Or if it is something else entirely. The get rid of it!


Chipped Bone In Foot Symptoms:

It is usually pretty obvious when it is a bone through your skin.

  • It feels hard.
  • You can feel it continue along the bone.
  • It is usually immobile and stuck to the bone surface.
  • It can cause skin pain against your shoe.
  • It can cause nerve pain: numbness, burning & tingling.


Chipped Bone In Foot
The 1st metatarsal cuneiform joint spur is notorious for causing top of the foot pain. This is not a “chipped bone”, but an osteophyte. It can compress against the skin and nerve and cause serious pain!


Causes Of A Chipped Bone In Foot:

Usually it is not even a chipped bone that is causing your worry.

  • It is a bone fragment known as an osteophyte.
  • Osteophytes occur usually due to arthritis or trauma to a joint.
  • It is known as exuberant (extra) bone formation in an area.
  • If an abnormal stress is placed on a joint, it can develop extra bone formation.
  • This is most common in weight bearing joints.


Chipped Bone In Foot
The most common site for something that feels like a chipped bone in the foot is the big toe! It is very common to build up extra bone in the big toe. This is called a dorsal osteophyte.


Chipped Bone In Foot Treatment:

The most common sites of this extra bone formation known as an osteophyte is:

1)The Big Toe Joint:

  • This is usually in relation to a condition known as hallux rigidus.
  • So much extra bone can form that it decreases or even complete stops big toe joint motion.
  • This leads to severe pain.
  • It is known as degenerative joint disease.
  • You can feel all the extra rough bone on top of your big toe joint!


Chipped bone in big toe

2)The Top Of The Foot:

This is known as a 1st metatarsal cuneiform joint exostosis.

  • This is a midfoot joint spur.
  • This can compress the nerve the runs across the top of your foot.
  • It can cause swelling & redness in the skin.
  • It can cause numbness, burning and tingling in the nerve.
Chipped bone on the foot.
Chipped bone on the foot.


3)The Ankle Joint:

This is known as an anterior ankle spur.

  • This can decrease the range of motion of your ankle dramatically.
  • It can lead to ankle arthritis.
Chipped bone heel and foot
Chipped bone heel and foot

4)The Heel:

This is known as a heel spur.

  • This is perhaps the most famous bone spur or osteophyte.
  • This actually an enthesophyte, because it is caused by the pull of a muscle.
  • This can happen at the bottom or the back of the heel.
  • At the bottom it is related to plantar fascia pain (plantar fasciitis).
  • At the back it is related to achilles tendonitis & achilles pain.


Chipped Bone In Foot
Heel spur pain is perhaps the most famous of the bone spurs. It is usually a sign of stress across the bottom of the foot and plantar fasciitis!