Mid Foot Arthritis

Mid Foot Arthritis – Mid Foot Arthritis is very common and is felt as continuous throbbing pain that gets worse throughout the day. Start FIXING IT NOW!!!

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What Is Mid Foot Arthritis?

  • Arthritis simply means inflammation of the joint.
  • There are about 4 main types of arthritis: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Traumatic Arthritis & Gout.
  • Osteoarthritis is the only one that commonly presents alone in the mid foot. Gout usually occurs in the big toe joint & Traumatic Arthritis only in areas of severe  previous injury(broken bones).
  • Due to abnormal friction (“wear & tear”) over the decades, the hyaline cartilage breaks down in the mid foot.
  • The joints can no longer smoothly glide against each other.
  • The bone begins to grind against itself, causing cracking and loose fragments to appear in the joint.




What Are the Joints In The Mid Foot:

The highlighted blue area makes up the joints of the mid foot. These are comprised of the Lisfranc joint where the metatarsals attach to the mid foot & the Chopart joint that attaches the rear foot to the mid foot.

  • The most commonly affected joint is the metatarsal cuneiform joint, shown highlighted by the yellow and red triangle:



  • The Osteoarthritis mid foot pain is usually felt on top & the inside of the foot.
  • It is possible to have a hard bone bump on top of the foot.
  • This can also be associated with the development with a bunion.

Diagnosis Of Mid Foot Arthritis:

  • Pain is the most common symptom in this area. It is usually sore and throbbing after a long time spent on your feet.
  • Severe bunions, high arched feet can predispose you to mid foot arthritis.
  • Spurs can form in the area of the arthritic joint, you can feel this as a large bump on the top of your foot.
  • This can irritate nerves in the area and lead to numbness, burning & tingling.
  • In progressed cases, the arthritis will be visible on X-ray.
  • The bone in the area will be much more white due to constant fraying and irritation.



Mid Foot Arthritis Treatment:

Treatment for mid foot arthritis is similar to any osteoarthritis treatment. Initially conservative care is attempted for 3-6 months; if that does not work, surgery may be considered if the deformity is severe. Follow this link for the complete treatment guide to osteoarthritis:

The Complete Arthritis Treatment Guide.



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