Top of Foot Tingling

Top of Foot Tingling

The top of foot tingling is usually due to a nerve irritation of the medial dorsal cutaneous nerve (A continuation of the superficial peroneal nerve). This nerve cover the bump on top of your foot and runs along the top of your big toe. If a nerve is irritated and becomes numb, this is known as neuropraxia. Neuropraxia can take up to a month to get better, so treat it properly!


Top of foot tingling
Top of Foot Tingling


Nerve Pain Symptoms

  • Numbness, burning or tingling.
  • Sharp shooting pain.
  • Probably not sore and aching (but this can accompany the pain above)


Causes of Top Foot Tingling

This is only if one foot is effected, If both feet it is almost definitely peripheral neuropathy.

Top of Foot Tingling
Top of Foot Tingling

Peripheral Neuropathy (If both feet)

If you have any of the following, think of peripheral neuropathy.

  • Numbness in both feet equally
  • Diabetes, alcoholism or thyroid problems + almost any other systemic condition.
  • Poor blood flow(especially smokers)
  • Possible with older age

If this sounds like you, the internet is not the place for you to be getting advice! Go get worked up by a good foot doctor or podiatrist, because peripheral neuropathy could have a million different causes besides these. Learn more about peripheral neuropathy.


Treatment of Top of Foot Tingling

This treatment guide is focused on neuropraxia that is caused by the top of your foot being compressed by shoes and not peripheral neuropathy.

Initially you should focus on decreasing inflammation by icing, elevating and taking a two week course of anti-inflammatories.

Then try these conservative treatments for your top of foot tingling:

  • Padding –  Any type of felt pad or gel pad will work, the goal is to prevent the foot from rubbing against the top of your shoe.
  • Skip Lacing  – Lace up your shoes so that you skip the area where the bump on top of your foot is.
  • Limit your barefoot walking or walking without orthotics- walking barefoot flattens out your foot and compresses that joint.
  • Orthotics– get you hands on a good but still not expensive pair of orthotics such as powersteps ($25 or so)
  • Shoes – Properly measure yourself for your shoe using a Brannock Device at a athletic shoe store. Getting some extra depth shoes and skip lacing should be enough to avoid putting pressure on the bump.

Surgery to remove the bump on the top of your foot is the only sure way to prevent the bump from coming back, but these techniques will keep the nerve pain away.