Podiatry Blogs

There are usually two reasons podiatrists and podiatry students are usually looking for podiatry blogs, and this page addresses both of them:

1)They want to find the best podiatry blog to read for themselves.

  • Let me save you the trouble and click on the link to:


Podiatry Today Blog

  • These are the best sets of blogs around, they will help you get your hands on the best proof read postings written by some of the best leaders in podiatry- Enough Said.


How your Podiatry Blog can Benefit!

2)They want to learn how to write their own blog because every podiatrist is trying to blog and get their name to show up fairly high in the Google search results (either as a podiatrist or a hired blogger)

Podiatry Blogs

-There are essentially 2 components to get your website some views and a boost in your search engine rankings:

A)The quality and keyword optimization of your posts – “The Boat”

– The better the knowledge you have on your post, the more people will want to read it, link to it and search for it. This is the concept many podiatrists have understanding. They simply title all their posts plantar fasciitis or heel pain; no one will ever come for these words because Wikipedia and WebMD will always kick our butt in this regard. We must learn to target words with little competition that we actually have a chance to rank for.

B)The number of links to our site and that page – “The Wind”

-The reason Wikipedia and WebMD beat us for those keywords is because they have thousands and thousands of “backlinks” to their site, this goes for us as well. The more backlinks we get the more competitive me are for those keywords. The game is simply- it just takes a great deal of work!


DetroitFootPain.com’s Goal for Podiatry Blogs

-Let’s start working together, I would love to backlink to other people and help sail their boat (website), and I would love for them to do the same for me.

Email Me at the contact page to start this backlinking relationship and lets get to work helping each other out!


Fore more podiatry blogs: