Heel Pain After Rest

Heel pain after rest and in the morning when you wake up always results from a condition known as inflammation which occurs along your heel and sometimes into your arch. This inflammatory disease process is known as plantar fasciitis and it the most common source of arch and heel pain in the world. This is a very well researched condition and there are amazing treatment plans available to try at home for free!


Heel Pain After Rest

Heel Pain after Rest 4 Stage Treatment Guide 


Pain in the Bottom of your Foot and Heel Explained

The plantar fascia is a ligament that can be thought of as the continuation of your Achilles tendon across the back and bottom of your heel that plugs into the front of your toes along the bottom. This ligament has to absorb all of your body weight and is prone to microscopic tears over the years that lead to pain and swelling. As you start to get older or you start to walk more on your feet this pain just continues to get worse and worse.

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  • Pain after rest.
  • Pain in the Morning.
  • Gets better after 15-30 minutes of movement.
  • Most pain after walking barefoot for a long time.
  • Pain feels better when you massage it out.
  • Pain does not get worse with more movement.
  • Feels better after you massage out the sole of your foot for a while.


Bottom of the Heel Pain After Rest Treatment

Treatment options start with focusing on home foot massage techniques, stretching, night splints, physical therapy, cold therapy, heat therapy, orthotics and anti-inflammation medications.

Injections and then surgery are reserved only for especially difficult to treat cases.

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