Feet Feel Like Socks are Bunched Up

Feet Feel Like Socks are Bunched Up

If your Feet Feel Like Socks are Bunched Up, but they are not! This is very similar to what most people say about a condition known as Morton’s Neuralgia which usually occurs at the base of the 3rd and 4th toes.

This is an extremely well documented and reported condition which results when the nerves that run between the joints at the base of your toes becomes irritated for one of many reasons.

Feet Feel Like Socks are Bunched Up

Morton Neuralgia Treatment Guide


Morton’s Neuralgia causing it to feel like my socks are bunched up:

This problem is classified as having pain and or numbness, burning and tingling which is usually made better by removing your shoes and massaging in the area or irritation. Although it is sometimes classified as a Morton’s Neuroma, it is not actually a true tumor, it is just an irritation and swelling of the nerve bundle that causes strange pain sensations to occur.


Symptoms at the Toes or Foot:

  • Pain while walking or running
  • Occurs after a short time, especially in people with flat foot
  • Feels like a pebble in your shoe
  • Feels like your socks are bunched up
  • Burning, numbness and tingling
  • Can feel like walking on razor blades
  • Classify this with the Mulder’s Click Test



Differential Diagnosis at the Front of the Foot

If this does not sound like what you are experiencing, follow our guide to forefoot pain:

Forefoot Pain Treatment and Diagnosis Guide


Morton’s Neuralgia Treatment Guide

Most treatment methods are designed at targeting Morton’s Neuralgia are conservative and then transition into surgical if those do not work.

If you have any more questions at all about Morton’s Neuralgia, I highly recommend that you visit the full Morton’s Neuralgia treatment guide!

Feet Feel Like Socks are Bunched Up Treatment Guide