Knot on the bottom of my foot

The most common causes for a knot on the bottom of my foot: Causes & Home Treatment: The Knot on the Bottom of my Foot is something called a plantar fibroma 95% of the time. Find out what is causing this pain, and how to get it 100% better!     Common signs for plantar … Read more

Hard spot on bottom of foot

Hard Spot on the Bottom of the Foot: Causes & Home Treatment 2019 95% of the time a hard spot on the bottom of the foot is the following: a corn or callus, a wart, a plantar fibroma, a foot lesion or even plantar fasciitis!   Causes of Hard spot pain:     Callous formations … Read more

Pain in Middle of the Foot

Pain in Middle of the Foot Pain in middle of the foot is usually caused at the bottom or the top of the foot. Plantar fasciitis and midfoot arthritis are the most common causes.       Pain in Middle of Your Foot Causes: The most common causes of foot pain in the middle of … Read more