Foot & Ankle Granuloma: Causes, Symptoms & Best Treatment 2020! A Foot & Ankle Granuloma is 95% of the time caused by a foreign substance that the body is not able to degrade, so it walls it off instead!     Granuloma Definition: A white blood cell called a macrophage walls off a foreign substance … Read more

Knot On the Bottom of My Foot [Causes, Symptoms & Home Treatment] The Knot on the Bottom of my Foot is something called a plantar fibroma 95% of the time. Find out what is causing this pain, and how to get it 100% better! Plantar fibroma’s usually show as a mass on the bottom … Read more

Hard Spot on the Bottom of the Foot [Causes &  Best Home Treatment!] 95% of the time a hard spot on the bottom of the foot is the following: a corn or callus, a wart, a plantar fibroma, a foot lesion or plantar fasciitis! Causes of Hard spot pain:   Callous formations creates unwanted … Read more