Hard spot on bottom of foot

Hard Spot on the Bottom of the Foot: Causes & Home Treatment 2019 95% of the time a hard spot on the bottom of the foot is the following: a corn or callus, a wart, a plantar fibroma, a foot lesion or even plantar fasciitis!   Causes of Hard spot pain:     Callous formations … Read more

Is Flat Foot Surgery Worth It

Is Flat Foot Surgery Worth It? Recovery Time, Surgery & Treatment 2020 Is flat foot surgery worth it?¬† Flat foot surgery is very good at correcting obvious deformity and pain. The results are extremely the effective. Where the surgery is not effective is when you attempt to fix a cosmetic or non-painful defect in your … Read more

ESWT For Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

ESWT For Achilles Tendonitis Treatment: Best Treatment 2019 ESWT For Achilles Tendonitis Treatment. This is an extremely proven and effective therapy. This is available at our clinics as a part of your treatment.   What is ESWT for the Achilles tendon? ExtraCorporeal Shockwave Therapy¬†is a noninvasive method that uses pressure waves to treat various musculoskeletal … Read more