Hard Bump on the Bottom of my Foot

Hard Bump On The Bottom Of My Foot: [Causes & BEST Treatment] The Hard Bump on the Bottom of my Foot is caused #1 by a condition called plantar fibromatosis. Get rid of this pain FAST and with 90%+ certainty! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58oAfkKisxk&t=317s Hard Bump On The Bottom Of My Foot Overview: The Hard Bump on the … Read more

Ganglionic Cyst

Ganglionic Cyst:¬† Toe, Foot & Ankle Treatment 2020! Do you have a ganglionic cyst on your toe, foot or ankle? 99% of the time this is a safe clear fluid that can be drained.     What Is A Ganglionic Cyst : Ganglion cysts are swellings of fluid on top of foot joints such as … Read more

Plantar Fibroma

Plantar Fibroma: Symptoms, Causes & Best Treatment 2020! Plantar Fibroma: It presents as a hard lump or nodule under the skin in the arch of your foot. Learn how to handle it easily and permanently with 100% certainty!       What Is A¬†Plantar Fibroma: A plantar fibroma is a relatively non-dangerous condition; but it … Read more