Pain at the Base of the Middle Toes: [Causes & Best Home Treatment!] The Pain at the Base of the Middle Toes can either be from your #1) big toe, #2) the big toe joint, #3)the lesser toes or #4)the lesser toe joints. FIX IT! Look: Ball of the foot joint pain can be improved with … Read more

Dislocated Big Toe & Pinky Toe: [Causes, Symptoms & Best Treatment] A dislocated toe can happen to your big toes or smaller toes. The most common are #1) Bunion, #2) Pinky Toe & #2) Hammer Toe formation. FIX IT! https://youtu.be/Y-46QJmICWc Causes of a Dislocated Toe: A dislocated toe is almost always due to a significant … Read more