Knot on the bottom of my foot

The most common causes for a knot on the bottom of my foot.

The most common causes to feel a knot on the bottom of your foot is a plantar fibroma. The plantar fascia is connective tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot connecting your heel to your toes. A plantar fibroma forms in the plantar fascia making a nodule or a “knot.”

Plantar Fibroma

Common signs for plantar fibroma

Plantar fibroma’s usually show as a mass on the bottom of your foot. This mass can start off small but is able to grow in size over time. Pain is not necessarily linked with plantar fibroma’s but is found in some cases. Pain can occur well walking, standing or running. Plantar fibroma’s can form in one or both feet.


Although plantar fibroma‘s will not go away on their own there are ways to help treat them. One option would be to have custom orthotics made to help relieve pressure to the area. Orthotics would be recommended if the plantar fibroma has remained the same size and has not grown. Another option would be a steroid injection. This can help shrink the fibroma and/or relieve pain. If the pain is unbearable surgery is also an option. Seek out your podiatrist to ensure the best and fastest treatment possible.

Other foot Problems

With any foot pain or problem do not wait to have the issue examined by your podiatrist! Waiting to long can cause further damage or take longer to have the issue resolved. Your podiatrist will help you with any foot or ankle concern you may have now or in the future. Upon examination of your foot pain or issues may be a symptom to a underlying factor for a serious health concern. Therefore you podiatrist can refer you to the correct specialist to have the source of the problem.