Sore Ankles After Running Treatment

Sore Ankles After Running Treatment: Follow this complete home guide to find out what is causing it & what can start making it feel much better!


Sore Ankles After Running Treatment
A sore ankle after running is very common. It mostly occurs in people who are doing too much too quickly. Training for a race is one of the most common cause!


Sore Ankle Bone Or Sore Ankle Joint:

The ankle joint is one of the most overloaded joints of the body.

  • It is unique because with each step it must handle essentially your entire body weight.
  • It has a much small surface than the knee of the hip.
  • This is is usually the most commonly irritated joint during running.


Symptoms of Sore Ankle Joint:

  • Swollen Ankles.
  • Redness or erythema.
  • Throbbing pain.
  • Worse after exercise & better with rest.
  • More pain running than walking.
  • Worse with increased weight bearing.



Most Common Cause Of Ankle Soreness:

1)Overworking your body:

In runners the most common source of ankle injury is doing too much too soon!

  • It can take 4-6 weeks for tissues to adapt to the stresses of running.
  • This is especially true in people training for marathons that are not used to the stress.
  • If you never run, then start running 1-2+ miles every day, your body will not be able to handle it!
  • Start running for 15 minutes for the first week, then 30 minutes, then 45 minutes.
  • Don’t go straight into running for 1 hour every day, this is a recipe for disaster!


2)Poor flexibility:

The lack of proper stretching & flexibility will destroy your biomechanics! This can cause you to run with a more bent knee, a more turned out foot(pronation) & with bent hips.

Sore Ankles After Running Treatment
Similar to overstriding, tight muscles & joints will alter your heel strike, midstance & pushoff phases. This will overwork some muscles & underwork others.
  • This will overwork some muscles & underwork other muscles!
  • **This will also cause lower back pain.**
  • Tight hips: Stretch them out!
  • Tight hamstrings: Stretch them out!
  • Tight calves: Stretch them out!
  • Tight plantar fascia: Stretch them out!


 3) Overstriding:

The entire theory behind barefoot running is based on shorter steps.

Sore Ankles After Running Treatment
A longer stride puts more pressure on your ankle to stop the impact of your foot into the ground. It also puts pressure on your hamstring & anterior leg muscles.


  • Recent evidence is now showing that shoes increase your confidence & decrease pain upon heel strike.
  • This allows people to take longer steps during there run.
  • Take shorter steps!
  • The most durable marathon runners in the world take shorter, choppier steps.
  • Do not run like a sprinter over long distances, take more & shorter steps.
  • It will save your back, your knees & your ankles!


Stop Doing This:

Sore Ankles After Running Treatment
Although it might make you faster in a sprint, long strides can put much more strain your legs. This is a major cause of sore ankles.


Try Doing This:

Sore Ankles After Running Treatment
Take shorter steps that put less impact on your feet & ankles!