Bruised Ankle Bone

Bruised Ankle Bone: A bone bruise is a real thing, it is known as an ankle contusion. Find out what caused it & how to fix it!




What Is An Ankle Bone Bruise:


Bruised Ankle Bone
The center of the bone is softer & filled with blood vessels. Direct trauma can cause bleeding within the bone. This is a bone bruise.

Yes bone bruises are possible. But they are slightly different than the common skin bruise we know!

  • Bone bruises are bleeding within the bone.
  • The bone has a hard outer layer, with a less dense inner layer.
  • The outer layer is known as the cortical layer.
  • The inner layer is known as the cancellous layer.
  • There is also a thin layer of tissue on top of the bone known as periosteum.

A bone bruise is bleeding caused within the bone!


Causes Of Ankle Bone Bruises:

Bruised Ankle Bone
This is a bone bruise within the knee. This is highlighted by an MRI.
  • An ankle bone bruise usually come from a direct or a twisting injury.
  • These are forces not strong enough to break the bone.
  • But they are strong enough to rupture vessels within the bone.
  • This causes non-visible bleeding in the bone with severe pain!
  • The most common cause is sports injuries & direct trauma.
  • Sprained ankles also usually result in bone bruising.


Symptoms Of A Bruised Ankle Bone:

  • Pain while pushing on the bone.
  • Swelling of the surrounding tissue.
  • The pain is more severe than a regular bruise in the skin.
  • But skin bruising also usually occurs along with it.


How Long Does A Bruised Ankle Bone Last?

  • A bruised ankle bone usually lasts longer than a regular bruise.
  • There will usually be inflammation & pain for a couple days or weeks.
  • The pain can last up to 1-2 months if the bone bruise was severe enough!


Diagnosis of a Bruised Ankle Bone:

  • Usually an X-ray is not enough to confirm the bone bruise.
  • X-rays are not sensitive enough to catch the damage within the blood vessels of the bone.
  • An MRI is usually the best choice.
  • In most cases an MRI is not needed as the bone bruise will resolve anyway & the MRI is very expensive.


Bruised Ankle Bone Treatment:

Treatment Usually consists of:

  • Rest, Ice , Compression & Elevation.
  • Watch this ankle treatment guide & treat your bone bruise exactly like an ankle injury!