Tailor’s bunion surgery recovery time

Tailor’s bunion surgery recovery time:   A complete recovery from tailors bunion surgery can take up to four to six months. That being said, your foot will have dramatically healed after six to eight weeks. What is a Tailor’s Bunion? A Tailor’s bunion is a shift outward in the metatarsal bone that connects to your … Read more

Protruding Bone on Outside of Foot

Protruding Bone on Outside of Foot: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Causes of a protruding bone on outside of foot are usually injuries to what is called the 5th metatarsal. Learn to FIX the pain today!     Overview of a protruding bone on the outside of your foot:   This 5th metatarsal bone makes up … Read more

Sprained Little Toe

Sprained Little Toe: Causes & Best Treatment 2020! Do you have a sprained little toe? 95% of the time this is due to the 5th toe getting crushed in the front of your shoe. This is easy to prevent!     Sprained Little Toe Overview: Sprained Little Toe:  This can cause pain in the entire … Read more