White and Chalky Toenails From Nail Polish

White Chalky Toenails From Nail Polish: Causes & Best Treatment 2019 95% of the time white chalky toenails from nail polish are caused by something called keratin granulations. This is superficial dehydration!       What Causes White Chalky Toe Nails From Nail Polish: Dehydration is the number one cause for white chalky toenails from … Read more

Best Foot Doctor Toenail Fungus Products

Best Foot Doctor Toenail Fungus Products 2020 These are the best recommended foot doctor toenail products. We have reviewed and recommended our top choices for toenail fungus and damage.     How to fix toenail fungus: There are many different types of toenail damage. In our experience, about 90% or more is related to toenail … Read more

Tailor’s bunion surgery recovery time

Tailor’s bunion surgery recovery time:   A complete recovery from tailors bunion surgery can take up to four to six months. That being said, your foot will have dramatically healed after six to eight weeks. What is a Tailor’s Bunion? A Tailor’s bunion is a shift outward in the metatarsal bone that connects to your … Read more