Plantar Plate Tear Injury

Plantar Plate Tear & Injury: Best Taping, Shoes, Treatment & Repair 2019 A plantar plate tear can be a BIG injury: Find out the 100% best taping, shoes and conservative treatments before plantar plate surgery repair!     Plantar Plate Injury Overview: Plantar plate ligament: A plantar plate tear or a plantar plate injury refers … Read more

Morton Neuroma Surgery Recovery Time

Morton’s Neuroma Surgery Recovery Time: Best Treatment 2020 ┬áMorton’s neuroma surgery recovery time can include 2-4 weeks in a dressing and surgical shoe. The recovery time may be longer, learn to make it FASTER!     Morton Neuroma Recovery Time Overview: Recovery for Morton Neuroma surgery is relatively quick. Usually, Morton Neuroma surgery patients are … Read more

Capsulitis of the Second Toe Taping

Capsulitis of the Second Toe Taping: Plantar Plate Tear Treatment Capsulitis of the Second Toe Taping: This technique is performed for hammer toes and plantar plate tear pain.     Second Toe Capsulitis Taping Overview: This taping technique prevents the plantar plate ligament from being stretched and causing pain to the bottom of the 2nd … Read more