Foot surgery recovery time


Recovery from foot surgery can take up to several weeks. It all depends on the surgery performed, general health and following the doctors orders.

Post operation surgery care

Types of foot surgery


Podiatrists perform many different foot surgeries. Feet take a lot of wear and tear because of the certain issues that may need to be corrected. Issues with toes such as bunions and hammer toe can take a month to recover, sometimes longer for a complete recovery. Neuroma or nerve issues have a significantly less recovery time. With this surgical procedure, weight can be bared as long as tolerated. Surgery involving the front of your foot to mid arch or mid arch to heel is more complicated, meaning recovery will be longer. For these procedures, do not bear weight for the first four weeks. In this time, a cast or splint may be applied. After four weeks have passed, you will be able to bear weight in a surgical boot. Provided healing is going well after another four weeks, you will be able to return to wearing shoes.

  • Toes – hammer toe and bunion, up to a month recovery
  • Front of foot to mid arch or mid foot to heel – fracture – recovery 8-12 weeks
  • ligament – recovery 6-10 weeks


What to expect after surgery

Foot surgery recovery time greatly depends on complying with doctors instruction. Following surgery, your foot will be dressed with bandages and a surgical shoe. Depending on the surgery, you may be placed in a splint or cast. You will have multiple post operative visits with your doctor to check on the healing status. At this time they will give you further instruction to care for your foot.

Other foot issues

It is very important to contact your doctors with any issues concerning your feet. This will ensure the proper treatment is made for your feet and can prevent any further issues that may arise in the future.