Foot and Toe Wart Doctor: Podiatrists in Howell & Brighton Michigan

Do you have a foot or toe wart? Our foot doctors and podiatrists have you covered in Livingston county, Howell and Brighton Michigan!


Foot and Toe Wart Doctor: Podiatrists in Howell & Brighton Michigan
IF you have a foot or toe wart, we’ve got you covered in Brighton Michigan and Howell Michigan!



  • A wart is generally caused by a virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV).
  • Warts can be very difficult to treat and can be very contagious.
  • There are 4 common types of HPV viruses that can lead to warts.
  • First a break needs to occur in your skin, then the infection can take place.
  • A plantar wart is a wart that can happen at the bottom of the foot or on your toes.


Risk Factors:

Risk factors include:

  • Showering in a common area.
  • History of prior warts.
  • Poor immune function.
  • Diagnosis is usually done based on symptoms.


Who is most likely to get a wart?

Warts are most common in:

  • Children.
  • Young adults.
  • The elderly.


  • The color is usually the same as the rest of your skin.
  • There are usually black dots that can occur on the surface of the wart.
  • One or many can occur in a region of your foot.
  • They can cause pressure that can then lead to pain.

Treatment Options:

Treatment of warts at home can be time consuming and expensive.

These options may include:

  • Saliculic acid.
  • Cryotherapy.
  • Surgical removal.
  • Generally a podiatrist or foot doctor can trim the skin overlying the wart.
  • This can allow treatment to take place at a much higher rate of succcess.