Why Do My Socks Feel Like They are Bunching Up on the Ball of My Foot? If you have ever wondered “why do my socks feel like they are bunching up on the ball of my foot”: The #1) cause is Morton’s Neuroma, but there are MORE! https://youtu.be/XsQhGOzPggc Causes: The most common cause of this … Read more

Foot Neuralgia: [Causes, Symptoms & Best Treatment] Foot Neuralgia refers to any type of nerve pain in the foot, with the most common types being morton’s neuralgia , entrapment of the posterior tibial nerve and generalized peripheral neuropathy as a result of a diabetic foot. https://youtu.be/XsQhGOzPggc Causes of Foot Neuralgia Prior injury around a nerve. … Read more