Plantar Plate Tear Injury

Plantar Plate Tear & Injury: Best Taping, Shoes, Treatment & Repair 2019 A plantar plate tear can be a BIG injury: Find out the 100% best taping, shoes and conservative treatments before plantar plate surgery repair!     Plantar Plate Injury Overview: Plantar plate ligament: A plantar plate tear or a plantar plate injury refers … Read more

Morton Neuroma Surgery Recovery Time

Morton’s Neuroma Surgery Recovery Time: Best Treatment 2020 ┬áMorton’s neuroma surgery recovery time can include 2-4 weeks in a dressing and surgical shoe. The recovery time may be longer, learn to make it FASTER!     Morton Neuroma Recovery Time Overview: Recovery for Morton Neuroma surgery is relatively quick. Usually, Morton Neuroma surgery patients are … Read more

My Socks Feel Like They are Bunching Up on the Ball of My Foot

Why Do My Socks Feel Like They are Bunching Up on the Ball of My Foot? If you have ever wondered “why do my socks feel like they are bunching up on the ball of my foot”, this is likely a nerve syndrome in your foot called Morton’s Neuroma.     Morton’s Neuroma Causes: The … Read more