My Feet Hurt When I Wake Up

My Feet Hurt When I Wake Up: The most common cause of feet hurting in the morning when you wake up is any type of inflammation, and the most common source of inflammation in the feet is foot arch pain known as plantar fasciitis and the second most common cause is rheumatoid arthritis is the pain is occurring in both feet equally, as well as in the hands. Plantar Fasciitis effects many people and is probably the single most common foot complaint in the USA.  We have developed a 4 stage treatment guide that will take you through from the beginning through to all possible consequences.

This treatment consists of making sure this is what you have, decreasing inflammation, extensive conservative therapy and finally reviews of all surgical options(don’t worry only 1-5% of people ever need to consider this.

Feet are Sore When I Wake up due to Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition where your feet are sore and painful because a ligament across the bottom of your foot is being overworked and stretched. This ligament is called the plantar fascia and it is responsible for maintaining the arch of your foot. Eventually in 15-20% of the population this plantar fascia ligament is greatly overworked as in cases of standing on your feet for a long time, increased weight, poor walking biomechanics and sometimes even just age.  This is not a permanent disorder and it is very well researched. Follow our 4 stage guide that properly diagnosis plantar fasciitis, decreases the inflammation, outlines extensive conservative treatment and then finally reviews the surgical options for treatment:

Complete Guide to Morning Foot Pain due to Plantar Fasciitis



 Guide for When the Bottom of the Feet Hurt When I Wake Up

This guide will help you confirm whether your heel pain is due to wear and tear, nerve problems, arthritis problems or traumatic problems. This guide is designed for the heel pain due to wear and tear or biomechanical problems, if you are suffering from any of the other causes of heel pain it is probably best that you see further medical diagnosis that a website like this just can’t provide.
Bilateral Plantar Fasciitis – Follow this guide if both of your feet hurt rather than just one. If both of your feet are in severe pain then it is more likely that you have suffered a back injury or that you have an inflammatory arthritis.