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Your BEST choice for Podiatrist in Oak Park Michigan: We have you covered at Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists of Oakland County!


  • If you need help with your toenail, foot or ankle problem FAST we can help!
  • We have late hours, home visits, telehealth and flexible booking.
  • Let us know how we can HELP!

The Best Oak Park Michigan Podiatrists:

  • We want to be your choice for the top podiatrist in Oak Park Michigan!
  • We are your choice for the best board certified podiatrist and board certified foot doctor in Michigan.

Conditions We Treat in Oak Park Michigan:

  • Toenail Fungus.
  • Ingrown Toenails.
  • Ball of the Foot Pain.
  • Outside of the Foot Pain.
  • Bottom of the Foot Pain.
  • Heel Pain.
  • Ankle Pain.
  • Diabetes and Diabetic Foot Infections.
  • Broken Foot or Ankle Bones.
  • Wound Care & Foot Ulcers.

Services We Provide:

American Board of Podiatric Medicine Board Certified

American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery Board Certified

American Podiatric Medical Association Member

American Podiatric Medical Association

11 Reasons To Choose US!

  1. 🥇 We work hard for YOUR Satisfaction. (If you’re not 100% satisfied with your appointment, we WILL do everything we can to FIX IT for you.) Terms & Conditions.
  2. 🦶The BEST Podiatrists: Board Certified in Foot Surgery & Board Certified in Podiatric Medicine for all of your foot & ankle needs!
  3. 💻Telehealth appointment from the comfort of your own home!
  4. 🚗 You Can Park 100% for Free Right Outside The Door.
  5. 📲 You Can Book Online 24/7 Right From Your Phone.
  6. 🌙 You Can Get A Late Appointment Or Seen Outside of Regular Hours……No Need To Take Time Off Work.
  7. 🏠 If you cannot come see us due to health issues or immobility… We can come see YOU!
  8. 💉 The BEST Tools: In office X-ray, In office fluoroscopy, In office ultrasound, injections, skin treatment and in office surgical suite. We are trained to use the NEWEST equipment.
  9. 📞 You Can Take Up Our Offer for a Phone or Telehealth Consult With Our Podiatry Team before you arrive if you are unsure if we can help you.
  10. 🏥 A professional cutting edge surgical suite staffed by residency trained Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgeons: Minimally Invasive Surgery!
  11. 👣You Get Treated By Podiatrists Who Specialize In the Foot & Ankle, So They KNOW What’s Needed To Get You Back On Your Feet.
1695 Twelve Mile Rd # 220, Berkley, MI 48072
Fax Number: 248-808-6056

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Frustrated With Your Foot Pain? Let Us Help!

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  • Not sure who to ask?

  • If you live in Michigan we can HELP!

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Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists Oak Park Michigan Podiatrists & Foot Doctors

Oak Park Michigan Podiatrist & Foot Doctor: Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists!

Do live near Oak Park Michigan? If you need a podiatrist very top choice!

  • See why thousands of people have trusted us with their foot and ankle needs for their toenail fungus, third toe pain, they are ingrown toenails, there are foot pain in the ankle pain.
  • If you have heel pain or plantar fasciitis pain, gets have not helped from our board-certified podiatrists. We can talk to you about shockwave therapy, injections, surgery, custom orthotics or the best type of shoes!
  • We have an in office surgical suite and we can help with bunion surgery, hammertoe surgery bone spur surgery and bone spur surgery.
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