Bunion surgery recovery time

Bunion surgery recovery time can vary depend on the surgery performed. After surgery you can expect to start feeling back to normal after a 1-3 months. However a complete recover can take up to 6 months. It is very important to stay off your feet as much as possible after surgery to allow the surgical site to heal.

Bunion surgery

Dressing care

After surgery your foot will be dressed with bandages and in some cases a cast. Your podiatrist will remove your dressings at your first post op visit to check for infection. Imaging will may also be ordered to ensure everything is holding well and nothing has shifted. In the event of infection your doctor will prescribe medication.

Guide lines for after bunion surgery

  • Stay of your feet as much as possible until recovered
  • Do not get dressings or surgical site wet
  • Do not scratch or touch surgical site
  • Contact your doctor with any extreme pains or concerns
  • Follow directions instructed by your doctor

What causes bunions

A bunion forms from your metatarsal bone shifting outward. In most cases this is very painful and requires surgery to correct it. It is important to wear shoes that fit comfortably and are not tight. Tight shoes create unwanted pressure to your toes and metatarsals. This can cause deformity’s to your feet or bunions. Well fitting shoes also provide support to your arch and properly distribute your weight. Your great toe takes a lot of your weight as you walk and with out proper support can cause bunions. Injury’s to your feet even as simple as stubbing your toes can cause bunions.

  • Tight shoes
  • poor support to your arches
  • injury
  • unwanted pressure

Other foot problems

It is very important to seek your podiatrist with any concerns with your feet as soon as possible. Catching issues early can help aid the recovery time in a fast manner. The longer you wait the longer the recovery!