Can Bunions be Reversed Without Surgery?



Can Bunions be Reversed without Surgery? Bunions can be reversed if they are only caused by a soft tissue deformity and not by a bone deformity. What this means is that some bunions are a result of tight skin and ligaments, whereas some people actually have crooked and bent bones that can only be fixed with surgery.



Can Bunions be Reversed without Surgery?


  • If they are due to soft tissue.
  • Correcting your shoes can help.
  • Getting an insert can help.
  • Getting a splint can help.
  • More difficult if it is rigid and you can’t bend it back by hand.


Can Bunions be Reversed Without Surgery?
The soft tissue in the joint does adapt to this position over many decades. It is not something that is turned around overnight.


When is due to soft tissue that can be reversed?


The bunion initially develops as a soft tissue deformity when you start to walk improperly in high heels, with flat feet or over time as you put on weight and get older. The ligaments slowly stretch over the years and the bunion buckles outward; as the years go on the bone itself also begins to deform and at this point osteoarthritis develops, you start to lose big toe joint motion and it is too late to reverse it without surgery.


Bunion X-ray
If you take a look at the X-ray here, it is not completely arthritic. There is still some joint space seen at the big toe joint.


How Can I tell if I need surgery or not?


A good first step is to try and move your big toe up and down all the way to the bottom and all the way to the top. If you are in pain and it hurts, you hear a crunchy grinding type noise this means that you have osteoarthritis at this point and there is nothing that can really be done at this point but surgery or living with it.

If the big toe has really good motion up or down then it odds are in your favor that this problem can be corrected without surgery.



What causes a bunion?
Although this is difficult to prove, tight shoe gear has shown that those genetically susceptible to bunion formation are more likely to form a bunion.


What is a bunion?


  • A bunion is something called hallux valgus, but that’s just the medical name, bunion, is the bump that you feel when the bone or the soft tissue at the joint. Essentially dislocate out of place.
  • The most common cause of a bunion or hallux valgus is abnormal motion pressure on the joint forces the big toe tube and buckle out away from your other toes, this makes it look like you have extra bone growing, but it’s actually just dislocation of the joint.
  • Think of it as your knees buckling in, kind of like being knocked need.
  • The reason bunions are so important is that your big toe joint, also called your first metatarsal phalangeal joint carries about 50% of the weight your foot loads. That’s a lot of weight! So bunions can cause severe and constant pain to the site.


Are bad shoes or high heels to blame?


  • Studies do show that bunions often can run in families, so you probably did get some of it from your mother or your father. We usually see that some kids have a pretty big bunion, and their parents walk in and have the exact same bunion.
  • Women are much more likely to develop bunions and then men can, especially as you get older, and especially after those women have children. Next paragraph. So blame your kids for your big, bad bunion!
  • The more flexible you are, the more likely you are tolerate your bunion. The heavier you are the more likely your bunion is to develop arthritis and significant pain through the site. For example, someone who weighs 300 pounds going to have a lot more bunion pain than someone who weighs 120 pounds.


Who should I see from a bunion pain?


  • There are two specialties that deal with bunion pain. And sometimes this can be very confusing, you can deal with a podiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon.
  • A podiatrist is trained specifically in the foot and ankle were is an orthopedic surgeon strained in five years of whole body surgery, and then some of them can do one year of foot surgery.


Treatment of bunions without surgery:


  • Most studies do show that bunions are permanent unless corrected surgically. This is a very difficult factor, except for some people, and some people read some of the online stuff in Dubai some product attempting at their bunion better.
  • Believe us, if we had a nonsurgical solution. We would be billionaires living on an island, we would love nothing more than to avoid surgery and get you feeling better. Thus read this guide. Because these things can help make your pain go away.
  • This is the most important thing you have to realize is bunions can feel better, but they will not get completely better without surgery. But is your goal to have a straight joint? Or to have zero pain in your foot. If you’re okay having no pain in your foot. Then you can leave your bunion non-surgically treated, and you will for sure get better doing some of these tricks.


The top seven guide to making bunions feel better without surgery:


Get a bunion gel pad:


  • Bunion gel pads are great. I give these to almost all my patients who do not want to pursue surgical therapy.
  • These prevent the second toe from rubbing up against the big toe, and they prevent your big toe joint bump from her minions the shoe.
  • Bunion gel pads work amazing.
  • One of the downsides of bunion gel pads? The downsides of bunion gel pads are the fact that they get really sweaty, disgusting and start to smell bad pretty quickly.
  • So you probably need a lot of them, and you always have to put them on.


Orthotics for bunion pain:


  • Bunions are due to improper biomechanics. We can pretty much guarantee that you will feel better if you get the right orthotic and the right support for your foot. This is proven over and over by science.
  • Yes, is it possible to get a bad orthotic? Absolutely, it is possible, people know flexibility can get to Hardeman insert, and people who weigh 400 pounds will not benefit from a pretty flat insert.
  • This is where podiatrist can come in handy. But most of the time a good over-the-counter insert will work better than nothing.


A night splint or stretch splint:


  • This may or may not be for you, it is best to check with your podiatrist the CFS stretch splint or night splint will even help you. If you have a really tight Achilles tendon than this can be an amazing device.
  • Take anti-inflammatory pills:
  • Yes ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs can help. Do we recommend this? Probably not, because it’s a temporary solution, not a permanent solution.


Pain control devices:


  • Things that can help control your pain are soaking your foot in a warm foot bath, ice packs, foot baths with massaging jets, ultrasound, and having your husband or wife massage her feet.
  • The massage may help your feet. But it’s going to probably hurt your marriage.


Lose weight:


  • This is one you hate me for even saying, but losing weight is the single most important thing in preventing a bunion.
  • Realistically you know in your mind that hundred pound person is going to have less bunion pain than a 300 pound person. We all already know this is just hard to do.



Good Shoes for Bunions:


  • Get yourself a great pair shoes. If you have MS shoe where your bunion is running, essentially all of your pain will go away.
  • This can be a very deep topic that we could talk about all day, but the bottom line is, simply get good soft shoe where your bunion is. Make sure it’s wide enough.
  • Make sure there’s enough room to put your bunion gel pad, and make sure he has enough room for orthotics.


So can you reverse a bunion without surgery?


The short answer is you can’t reverse it. You have to think about a bunion kind of like bad vision, you’re always going to need a pair of contacts or glasses. Once you take them off then your bunion will be still there.

Think of bunion surgery. Kind of like corrective laser eye surgery. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Some people are under corrected some people still have pain in the future, but this is the only proven way to repair of bunion.



Reversal of Bunions without Surgery Treatment Guide


Visit our our Complete Bunion Treatment Guide to find out how to reverse your bunion without surgery.  This guide is developed based on the leading scientific literature and podiatrist or foot doctor guidelines.




Can bunions be reversed without surgery?
Can bunions be reversed without surgery? As good as these pads feel, but at the same time there is no evidence that any of these splints are able to reverse damage after many years of deformity.

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