Hammer toe surgery recovery time

Recovery from hammer toe surgery can take up to a couple of short months to completely return to normal. With any surgery, it is common to have pain and swelling for weeks to months.

Hammer toe

What is hammer toe?

Hammer toe is a deformity in one or multiple toes. Hammer toe is usually the result of a tight tendon causing the toe to curl. Certain injuries to your toes can also create hammer toe.

Hammer toe symptoms

Pain comes with hammer toe, whether it be from your joint rubbing on your shoe or unwanted pressure applied to your toe while you walk or stand. This causes callouses, corns and even sores. Furthermore, flexibility of the toe is lost until it is no longer able to straighten on its own.

  • Pain
  • Callouses
  • Corns
  • Sores
  • Loss of flexibility to toe(s)
  • inability to straighten toe(s)

How is hammer toe diagnosed?

Hammer toe can be diagnosed simply by physical exam. However, imaging such as x-rays may be necessary to ensure correct diagnosis.

  • Physical exam
  • x-ray

How is hammer toe treated at Advanced Foot and Ankle?

Callouses and corns caused by hammer toes can be trimmed down. As a result, relieving pressure to your toe. There are certain pads that are designed to help reduce friction and irritation. Orthotics can also be made to help relieve discomfort caused by hammer toe. Certainly avoid wearing high heels or shoes with a narrow toe box. Finally, there are surgery’s to correct hammer toe. The most common surgery performed is called Flexor Tenotomy . This surgery is a simple and fast procedure performed by our physicians. This procedure is performed with a local anesthetic and a small incision to your toe to lengthen the tendon. After surgery the site is dressed with bandages. You will even be able to walk and drive as normal after the surgery. Most patients even return to work the next day.

Foot and ankle issues

It is highly recommended to have your feet and ankles evaluated as soon as possible with any foot or ankle issues or pain. This will ensure the best route to take to resolve any problem you many have making a fast recovery.