Big Toe Joint Fusion Recovery Time

Big Toe Joint Fusion Recovery Time

The length of recovery time depends on the surgeon’s confidence inyour ability to heal. For example someone with diabetes that is a smoker will have a much longer healing time than a fit 20 year old athlete.

The best case scenario is approximately 2-3 weeks in a CAM walker or a cast, then a couple weeks in a surgical shoe until the  surgeon can see the bone fusing together on X-ray during a checkup visit.

How to Speed Up Joint Fusion Recovery Time

-Keep the joint complete non-weight bearing

-Stop Smoking

-Get lots of rest

-Take the pain medication that your podiatrist gives you

How to Slow Down your Joint Fusion Recovery Time

-The main this is people who walk on it, it may not seem like much but the micromotion really inflames and irritates the joint and wound site leading to infections and major increases in healing time.

-Just stay off your foot no matter what, you are just making the entire process longer and you will eventually have to keep off of it anyway!