How Often Do Feet Grow?

How Often Do Feet Grow? Your feet grow at different rates from the time you are a child to the time you are 100 years old, we will do a rough guide of foot growth through all of these years. It is not always easy to quantify exactly how many sizes per year a child will grow as we are all different and each country uses (as well as within each country) may you differently measured shoe sizes (not all are exact)

Under six year old feet:

They grow at a relatively constant rate proportional to the body. Fore these age ranges a rough shoe size guide is:


  • Size 8- 30 to 36 mos.
  • size 8- 24 to 30 mos
  • size 6- 18 to 24 mos.
  • size 5- 12 to 18 mos.
  • size 4- 9 to 12 mos.
  • size 3- 6 to 9 mos.
  • size 2- 3 to 6 mos.
  • size1- g weeks to 3 mos.
  • size 0- Birth to 6 weeks
  • 00- Up to 6 lbs


Six to twelve year old feet:

The children are now growing at their fastest rate.  The average growth rate is approximately 1cm per year. So if you are thinking about buying some expensive shoes, skates or even skis- this is probably not the age for that! Wait until your children get a little bit older.


Thirteen to Seventeen:

The feet really slow down dramatically at this point and it may be considered that this is almost your final shoe size. Boys feet will continue to grow another 10% during these years (because we develop slow compared to girls!), while girls feet are essentially their full size but you should be aware that everyone is different so they still can grow a little bit.


Eighteen Years +:

At this point your skeletal structure is usually finished grown, but your foot size will not stay the same for ever!  General rules to follow are:

  • Feet can flatten out over time.
  • Increased size with increased weight.
  • Feet get wider as the ligaments become lax after years of weight bearing.
  • Everyone’s feet usually get wider, especially with obesity!
  • Use a Brannock device every year to get your foot length, arch length and width measured!


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