Mulder’s Click Test

Mulder’s Click Test is a podiatrist or foot doctor technique designed to test if a patient is suffering from a condition known as Morton’s Neuralgia. This physical examination tests if there is a clicking noise or a shooting nerve pain caused by squeezing the bases of the toes together.




Mulder’s Click Tests for Morton’s Neuroma Pain:




How to Perform a Mulder’s Click Test:

Start the patient sitting or laying on their back on the examination table. Squeeze the base of the big toe and the base of the fifth toe with your hand, while squeezing the webspace of that foot with your other hand.

If performed correctly there will be a clicking noise as the neuroma pops in and out of the tight space between the metatarsal heads. This can also create a numbness or shooting pain temporarily at the bottom of the foot in that area known as a paresthesia.


Jacob Mulder (1901-1965) Invented the Mulder’s Click Test:

The Mulder’s Click Test is named after the Dutch Surgeon and Foot Doctor Jacob Mulder.




Other Tests to check for Morton Neuralgia:

  • Sullivan’s Sign.
  • Xray to check for splaying.
  • MRI.
  • Ultrasound.


 Sullivan’s Sign:

Sullivan’s sign is another test that can be used to check for Morton’s neuroma that can easily be performed. The podiatrist or foot doctor simply checks if there is widening of the effected toes. For example if the neuroma is suspected between the 3rd and the 4th toes, then they should angle out to the sides. The neuroma in between them should create a widening.

Morton’s Neuralgia Can Still Happen If These Tests Are Negative:

Just because Sullivan’s sign or Mulders sign were not present does not mean that you don’t have a Morton’s Neuroma or neuralgia pain. The best way to diagnose this disorder is still clinical results!

  • Do you have numbness, burning or tingling?
  • Do you ever hear a clicking sound?
  • Do you ever feel like there is a pebble in your foot?
  • Does it ever feel like your socks are bunched up?
  • Does massaging your foot ever make it feel better?



Treatment of Morton’s Neuralgia:
  • You can still have a Morton’s neuroma or Morton’s neuralgia even with these tests being negative.
  • Sometimes the only solution is to cut the nerve out.


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