Pain Above the Heel in the Back of the Foot

Pain Above the Heel Of Back Foot

Pain Above The Heel: This is most likely caused by Achilles tendinitis, a Hagland’s bump or Achilles calcification.  Start treating it at home.


Home Treatment:

Pain Above the Heel Of Back Foot
Pain Above the Heel Of Back Foot can be a Hagland’s bump, achilles calcification or achilles tendinitis. But if the pain is at the bottom, consider plantar fasciitis.

Step 1:  Rule Out Other Heel Pain.

  • Make sure that you first know that you have a Haglund’s bump, achilles calcification or bursitis.
  • This is pain at the back of the heel.
  • If the bottom of your heel hurts, then suspect plantar fasciitis.

Painful Heel Lump Diagnosis Guide.


Treatment Outcomes:

Pain Above the Heel in the Back of the Foot
This is an example of a hagland’s bump.
  • If this is a true Hagland’s bump, it is difficult to remove the bone conservatively.
  • The only way it will be gone for sure it to undergo surgery.
  • It is possible to essential get rid of all the symptoms and not even know that it is there in some cases.
  • As excess bone formation rubs against the skin and creates inflammation.
  • This leads to further swelling of the bursa and the back of the heel region.
  • If this inflammation and bursitis is alleviated, there the soft tissue swelling should decrease.
  • It is possible to still have the extra bone and not feel any symptoms.
  • It is possible to relieve these symptoms by trying the following conservative treatments.


Conservative Treatment for Pain Above the Heel:


Non-constrictive shoes:

  • In the early part of treatment, you should prevent friction and rubbing of the Haglund’s bump against your shoes.
  • If you wear tight constrictive dress shoes- try to switch to a looser running shoe if possible.


  • Icing is not just to relieve the pain!
  • Ice for 15-20 minutes until the area gets numb to relieve inflammation.
  • This will increase healing time.

Topical analgesics and anti-inflammatories:

  • Check with your podiatrist or pharmacist before using these.
  • This is like an Ibuprofen or Aspirin but rubbed onto the skin so it is localized.



  • Try some rigid inserts like Powerstep orthotics (not the flimsy gel type).
  • This will control your arch and improve your biomechanics.
  • Something caused this bump to happen and if you are not willing to see your podiatrist then you should at least try these to see if your biomechanics are alleviated!

Accommodative padding:

  •  Foam and gel accommodations exist to remove pressure.

Oral NSAIDs:

  • Check with your podiatrist or pharmacist before using these.
  • Ibuprofen orally when used as directed for two weeks can be very beneficial in decreasing inflammation.
  • This is not just for pain relief but for faster healing!

Physical Therapy:

  •  Stretching, massaging and exercises will target the sore joints and muscles.
  • These are improperly inhibiting you from using proper walking biomechanics.

Weight Loss:

  •  Unfortunately there is a much lower likely hood of developing this problem and a much greater chance of healing it with a lower BMI.


  •  Achilles tendon stretching is very important in keeping the pain from coming back.