The Best Lapiplasty Lapidus Surgeons in Michigan

The best lapiplasty lapidus surgeon in michigan are Dr. John Stevelinck .Dr. Stevelinck is extremely well trained and experienced in this procedure. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and you can be protected weight bearing almost immediately. The healing time can take numerous weeks to be fully functional.


Lapiplasty Lapidus Procedure in Michigan
Lapiplasty Lapidus Procedure in Michigan


The Best Lapiplasty Lapidus Surgeons in Michigan:

  • We have two experienced Lapiplasty Lapidus foot surgeons in Dr. John Stevelinck and Dr. Tom Biernacki who are available to perform this procedure.
  • Please call our offices to schedule an appointment.



The Best Lapiplasty Lapidus Foot Surgeons in Michigan:


LAPIPLASTY® 3-Dimensional Bunion Correction is a new, advanced technology for surgically correcting your bunions.  LAPIPLASTY® is the first and only procedure specifically developed to correct all 3-dimensions of the bunion deformity, at the root of the problem.  Rather than cutting and shifting the bone over as traditional 2D surgery does, LAPIPLASTY® uses advanced instrumentation to precisely reposition the entire misaligned bone back into normal 3D alignment.


How long will I be off my feet after surgery?

The LAPIPLASTY® Procedure utilizes advanced fixation technology, published in the Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery, that allows many patients to put weight on their foot within days after surgery. Actual time to weight bearing will vary, but typically ranges from immediately after surgery to 2-3 weeks.1


Will I have to wear a cast after the surgery?

No, most patients will have their foot wrapped in bandages for a few days and then use a surgical boot to walk during recovery.

Can I return to fashionable shoes?

The LAPIPLASTY® Procedure allows most patients to return to their desired shoe gear without any limitations. Of course some fashionable shoes can be painful (even with a normal foot), so results can vary from person to person and shoe to shoe.


Can I play sports after the LAPIPLASTY® Procedure?

Yes, there are no permanent activity limitations after the LAPIPLASTY® Procedure. Most patients are able to return to sports after the bones have completely healed at approximately 4 months.



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