Top of the Foot Pain Causes




Top of the foot pain causes are usually due to one of three common and treatable problems: Ganglionic cysts, bone growth at the top of the foot and irritation of the nerves that run across the top of your foot.  Each of these problems are very well known to podiatrists and foot doctors and luckily, these are all very treatable!


Complete Guide to Foot Top of Foot Pain



Top of the Foot Pain Causes by their Symptoms:


1)Ganglionic Cyst 

Ganglionic cysts are more of an annoyance than something dangerous. But you still want them evaluated to make sure that its not anything more dangerous.

  • They appear as a soft movable mass most of the time, but occasionally they can be hard.
  • They can get bigger at night time.
  • They usually don’t hurt.
  • They can feel like a water balloon underneath your skin.


2)Bone Growth on the Top of the Foot

This usually occurs more toward the inside of the foot. It is a bony bump that could have developed from genetics or from wearing high heel shoes for many years, or any other reason!

  • This is always hard.
  • You can feel the joint move as the front of your foot bends on the back of the foot.
  • You can usually always definitely tell it is the bone and not something soft.


3)Nerve Irritation on the Top of the Foot

This can occur very frequently with the bone growth, or even just with tight shoes. This is the most common problem if there is no mass at the top of your foot. With treatment this can take up to 2 weeks to heal and your focus should be on decreasing the inflammation.

  • No bump.
  • Numbness, burning or tingling.
  • Something is irritating or compressing the top of your foot recently.




For more information on bumps toward the front of the foot visit:—step-after-step-.cfm