Toes Crossing Over Each Other

Crossing toes are usually associated with bunions of the big toe, tailor’s bunions (5th toe bunions) and deep transverse inter-metatarsal tears. Crossing Toes can usually be stopped from worsening by changing some lifestyle factors including your shoes, stretching, getting over the counter orthotics, losing weight and most importantly getting a bio-mechanical evaluation.




Causes of Crossing Toes:


2)Tailor’s Bunion

3)Predislocation Syndrome


Mechanism for Crossing Toes:

The deep transverse intermetatarsal ligaments between the heads of the crossing toes become stretched as the metatarsal phalangeal joints become further spaced apart. This is frequently seen in a bunio and over time as the forefoot becomes wider, the ligaments spread out. If the ligaments are not yet torn or irreversibly stretched, they can be reversed by controlling biomechanics and preventing the forces that caused them to occur from continuing to happen.


Treatment of Crossing Toes:

conditions can be alleviated by controlling your foot mechanics and preventing the conditions that lead to flat foot.


Stretching your Achilles tendon and your plantar fascia has been shown to improve your biomechanics and prevent splaying of your forefoot and stretching of your deep transverse inter-metatrsal ligament. The reason is people who have poor upward ankle flexibility (the can’t bring their foot toward their shin) absorb an increased about of force as they pivot over their forefoot. Normally the front of you foot would bend up as your weight transfers over your foot while walking, but in people with poor flexibility, they must now pivot over the front of their foot leading it to absorb all of your weight.


If you stretch your feet along with the Achilles tendon and Calves that number jumps from 25% to 55% very quickly! This is the single best thing you can do to keep the pain away after the inflammation has been decreased.



Get a good running shoe! It doesn’t really matter what kind you are using, just make sure it fits properly and has a firm sole. High heels, sandals and barefoot walking make this condition much worse.