Plantar Plate Injury & Plantar Plate Tear Treatment [Repair & More] Do you have a plantar plate injury or plantar plate tear? We go over the BEST plantar plate tear treatment, shoes, taping, exercises & MORE! Look: A plantar plate injury & plantar plate tear can be SERIOUS. We are foot doctors & we see … Read more

charcot marie tooth syndrome

Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome: Diagnosis & Best Treatment Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome (Disease): This guide will give you the 100% best diagnosis, causes, and treatment options for CMT disease and disorder.         Charcot Marie Tooth Disease Overview: Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is a hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy. It is characterized by a progressive … Read more

Fibula Fracture Surgery Recovery Time Fibula fracture surgery recovery time can take six to eight weeks to make a complete recovery, however, healing may take longer if tendons are involved.   Causes of Fibula Fracture Fibula fractures occur when you injure your ankle. Falling or over extending the ankle in any direction can cause a … Read more