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Senior Toenail Cutting Service [Toe Fungus & Ingrown Toenail Removal]

We provide senior toenail cutting services generally covered by most major insurances [Medicare, Medicaid & more!]
Berkley Michigan and Royal Oak Michigan Podiatrist
Get the best foot evaluation & senior toenail cutting service in Michigan! We have board certified podiatrists that can treat you both in our office and at your home if you meet the requirements! This is usually covered by most major insurance plans including medicare!

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  • Toenail problems.
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  • Ankle problems.
  • Diabetes.
  • Wound Care.

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Senior Toenail Cutting Service:

  • We provide a reduced fee, simple nail cutting clinic ideal for the elderly, visually impaired, disabled, or people who cannot reach their feet safely.
  • This service is also suitable for diabetic patients.

Why Is Nail Cutting Important?

  • Most of us do not give a lot of consideration to having our nails cut. Still, if you are elderly, informed, or suffer from restricted movement, a nail cutting service can be a very important aspect of your healthcare.
  • Our nails are constantly growing; it takes a little over 12 months for your toenails to completely re-grow, so they can become very long and break, leaving sharp edges that can penetrate the skin and lead to pain and infection.
  • This is particularly important to be avoided in those more susceptible to infection, such as the elderly and diabetics.
  • These infections can spread fast and furious in the feet, so they should be avoided.
  • However, these problems can be avoided by ensuring that your regular toenails can not do this yourself, then this service is ideal for your health, safety, and feet.
Podiatrists & Foot Doctors Berkley Michigan Royal Oak Michigan

List of Insurances accepted:

Our office accepts a variety of HMOs, PPOs, and other health plans, including:

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicaid
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Care Network
  • United Health Care
  • Aetna
  • Priority Health
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Health Alliance Plan
  • Tri-Care
  • Tri-West

Please call our office to verify acceptance of your insurance carrier if not listed.

What a Podiatrist Can Do For YOU!

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  8. 💉 The BEST Tools: In-office X-ray, In-office fluoroscopy, In-office ultrasound, injections, skin treatment, and in-office surgical suite. We are trained to use the NEWEST equipment.
  9. 📞 You Can Take Up Our Offer for a Phone or Telehealth Consult With Our Podiatry Team before you arrive if you are unsure if we can help you.
  10. 🏥 A professional cutting edge surgical suite staffed by residency trained Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgeons: Minimally Invasive Surgery!
  11. 👣You Get Treated By Podiatrists Who Specialize In the Foot & Ankle, So They KNOW What’s Needed To Get You Back On Your Feet.
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What a Podiatrist Can Do For YOU!

Get the BEST Toenail Cutting Service for Seniors in Michigan!

Preventative Nail Care for Seniors:

  • Just like any other part of the body, our nails change as we age.
  • We expect our nails to become hard and thick, take longer to grow, and become dull and brittle over time.
  • Our nails can also change color, turning yellow and opaque instead of looking more translucent and shinier. 

As duller, more brittle nails aren’t enough, seniors are also more susceptible to fungal infections forming on or around their nail beds.

  • This is especially common to find on the toenails of seniors, as seniors are encouraged to wear socks and shoes around the house to help prevent falls and protect their feet.
  • Yet, wearing shoes all day only provides a warm, moist environment for fungus to grow.

Research has indicated that our nails can reveal signs of underlying diseases.

  • It’s important for seniors to take preventative measures to care for their fingernails and toenails to determine their health.
  • Toenail care is an important aspect of personal grooming; unfortunately, it’s often overlooked.
  • Make preventative nail care a priority by implementing the following tips.

Visit a Podiatrist:

Due to improper trimming techniques, many seniors suffer from ingrown toenails, which lead to further infections.

They either can’t reach their toenails, or someone else trims them to the shape of their toe, leaving them prone to an ingrown toenail.

Visiting a podiatrist regularly allows them to assess your overall foot health and share proper toenail trimming techniques.

Af you can’t trim your toenails. If you are a senior and a diabetic, it’s vital that you avoid trimming your toenails to lower your risk of developing you can’t trim your toenails; a podiatrist can do that during your visit. Ping an infection in your feet. Come see a great podiatrist like Dr. Tom Biernacki DPM locally!

Come see us and become a new patient!

Let Them Breathe:

While it’s important for seniors to wear shoes and socks to help prevent a fall, seniors must also give their toenails a chance to breathe.

  • Find time each day to expose your toenails to fresh air. Take off your socks and shoes while watching television, or go barefoot to bed.
  • Treat your feet to a warm Epsom salt foot soak. Senior women who enjoy wearing nail polish need to allow their fingernails and toenails to breathe.
  • Skip the polish between home manicures or pedicures.
  • We do perform a medical pedicure at our clinics!
  • Consider using the fall and winter seasons as an “off” season for nail polish.

Trim Nails Regularly:

  • Nasty germs, dead skin cells, and dirt love to lurk under fingernails. Preventative nail care also involves trimming nails regularly.
  • While washing your hands and using a fingernail brush to scrub under fingernails can dislodge some of the gunk, keeping nails trimmed is the most effective way to minimize the spread of germs and infection.
  • If you have thicker nails, trim your fingernails after a warm bath or shower when the nails are softer and easier.
  • You can also trim your toenails after bathing if you feel confident.
  • Then, use a nail file to file nails straight across. If you have thinner nails, stick to a nail file alone. Check your nails weekly and trim or file as needed.

Eat the Right Nutrients:

Preventative nail care also involves eating proper nutrients to support healthy, strong nails.

  • Your diet may lack key nutrients if you suffer from dry and brittle nails. Improve your nails by eating more fruits, leafy greens, lean meats, salmon, beans, eggs, nuts, and whole grains.
  • Ensure you get enough calcium and vitamins A, B, and C.
  • Talk with your primary care physician about which vitamins and supplements are right for the health of your nails.
Berkley Michigan and Royal Oak Michigan Podiatrist
Get the best care by the BEST board certified podiatrists & foot doctors in Michigan. Senior toenail cutting & senior callus care is covered for seniors in the area!

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