Emergency Podiatrist and Foot Doctor

We are your 100% best choice for 24 Hr emergency podiatrist and foot doctor! We work out of St. Joseph Brighton, Livingston, Ann Arbor and Chelsea.


Emergency Podiatrist and Foot Doctor
Come see Dr. Tom Biernacki for all your foot and ankle needs, we are here for you 24 hours a day. We can help you with all your foot and ankle needs!



24 hour Emergency Room at St. Joseph Mercy Hospitals:

Brighton Mi, Howell Mi, Dexter Mi and Ann Arbor Mi.

Dr. Tom Biernacki and Dr. John Stevelinck are available at all think of Mercy Hospital locations locally. They are available for all foot and ankle problems at all singles Mercy locations. These locations include Brighton Michigan, Howell Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan, Chelsea Michigan.


Emergency Foot and Ankle Podiatrist:

If you have an emergency foot or ankle problem, we are the people to see! Both Dr. Biernacki and Dr. Stevelinck have won awards for the excellent emergency room care from both administration and the CEO at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.


So make the right choice, you are have an emergency foot and ankle problem, come see the best! If you are having any foot and ankle problems, make the right choice and come see Dr. Tom Biernacki and Dr. John Stevelinck.



Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists Michigan Locations

We have three Michigan locations, and we  plan on getting your foot and ankle as close to 100% pain-free!


Click on this link to download our new patient paperwork. We look forward to seeing you soon!




We have 3 Michigan Locations:


Brighton, Michigan – Podiatrist or Foot Doctor.


 Ann Arbor – Dexter, Michigan- Podiatrist or Foot Doctor.


 Howell, Michigan – Podiatrist or Foot Doctor.


Emergency Podiatrist and Foot Doctor Certifications: