Turf Toe Taping

Turf Toe Taping

Turf toe taping is very beneficial to perform to take pressure off the big toe joint. The tough part is that sweat can quickly loosen the tap and it can stop being effective.

Turf Toe Taping Treatment Steps:

Turf toe taping simply attempts to prevent the big toe joint from bending backwards.The aim of this simple sports taping technique is to prevent excessive bending back (hyperextension) of the big toe following Turf Toe injury.



What is required?

  • 2.5cm (1 inch) non stretch zinc oxide tape.
  • 3.8cm (1.5 inch) non stretch zinc oxide tape.

Step 1

  • Apply a strip of 2.5cm tape around the big toe as an anchor. Use two strips if the big toe is long.
  • Using 3.8cm tape apply two overlapping strips around the middle of the foot.
  • When applying the anchors to the middle of the foot, spread the toes apart to simulate load bearing on the foot. This will help prevent the tape being uncomfortable when the athlete stands up.

Step 2

  • Apply a strip of 2.5cm tape from the middle of the foot directly up to the big toe. Ensure the toe is in the desired position before fixing the tape.
  • Some therapists prefer to tape from the toe downwards.

Step 3

  • Apply a second support strip from the middle of the foot upwards but slightly to the side and overlapping the first.

Step 4

  • Then a third strip from the other side.
  • You should have an ‘X’ of tape with the cross passing over the joint of the big toe.

Step 5

  • Secure the support strips with two strips over the top at the big toe and the middle of the foot with 2.5cm and 3.8cm tape respectively – like the original anchor strips.
  • Assess the taping to ensure the big toe cannot be bent back and the tape is secure.


Taping turf toe prevents the toe from bending up and backwards.


Turf Toe Plate as an Alternative:

  • Turf toe plates are a great alternative to taping. This can be resistant against sweat and be a great deal more durable.
  • The cost is usually around $40 or less.
  • The outcome is usually really good when combined with great shoes.


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