IHA Podiatrist

IHA Podiatrist: We are the preferred podiatrists of IHA and St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. We are on staff at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, Brighton, Chelsea & Livingston.

We are not officially part of IHA, but we have a strong relationship and are deemed a preferred provider of IHA.



Preferred IHA Podiatrist:



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IHA Podiatrist Locations:

Howell Office Location:

  • 1221 Byron Rd #3, Howell, MI 48843, USA
  • +1 517-548-3100


Brighton Office Location:

  • 7743 Grand River Ave Ste 102, Brighton, MI 48114, USA
  • +1 810-227-7722


Dexter Office Location:

  • 2820 Baker Rd #202, Dexter, MI 48130, USA
  • +1 734-253-2687



What does a podiatrist do?

Everything possible regarding the foot & ankle! Our physician training is highlighted by Harvard based residency training in Boston, fellowship training in post residency surgical techniques, the most cutting edge training in non-surgical techniques and focus on all possible foot and ankle treatments and procedures.

We are able to provide hospital care as well as foot & ankle care in all aspects.


What does a podiatrist do?
What does a podiatrist do? Everything and anything below the foot and ankle!

Is A Podiatrist a Physician?

Yes! A podiatrist is a physician who has performed a minimum of 4 year undergraduate degree, 4 years of medical training, 3 years of surgical and medical hospital based residency training, possibly a fellowship training period and is board certified in foot & ankle surgery!

We are extremely proud of the training our physicians have accomplished.


What does a podiatrist do?


Does Insurance Cover Podiatrist Care?

Podiatrist Most Major Insurances
We take almost every insurance. These is not elective or cosmetic therapy. This is proven and beneficial medical care!


Yes! The majority of our care is not considered elective and is not cosmetic. The primary focus is to keep you walking, healthy and prevent any future hospitalizations for your foot and ankle problems.

Podiatrist care is considered to be extremely cost effective for both the nation and insurance companies. There are many studies proving that good foot care can result in exponentially greater reductions in hospitalization and disability costs.